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  1. Who are contestants who were cut before the live shows/voting rounds that ended up being successful?


    Here are some I can think of


    Tori Kelly (Season 9): Cut at the green mile. Has done well in pop music.


    Lauren Daigle (Seasons 9 and 11): Cut at the green mile in Season 9 and Vegas rounds in Season 11. Is a huge Christian music star and has won Grammy awards. Was even an idol mentor and sang with the recent Idol winner "Just Sam" for the finale.


    Jimmie Allen (Season 10): Cut in the green mile in Season 10. Both of his singles so far have reached #1 on the country airplay charts. Definitely a rising star in the country world. And went on tour with his fellow Season 10er Scotty McCreery.


    Johnny Keyser (Seasons 11 and 12): Cut in the Vegas rounds both seasons- although was he technically a semi-finalist in Season 12? Regardless, He was signed to Epic records and last month his latest single was certified platinum and his first one went gold. Has been doing well on radio. Now known as "John K." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_K_(musician)

  2. 10 was my favorite, but 11 is probably the strongest overall.

    But it’s telling that most of the top 11 from Season 10 got signed to a label. I think Out of the top 11 just Jacob, Thia, and Paul didn’t get signed. There was a lot of star power from that season. 


    In 11 I feel like the only real weak link was HeeJun and even he had his moments. Everybody else in the top 10, you could think of an argument of why they should win. I wish we had more people get signed from this season. 

  3. You bring up a good point. I think as far as final 2’s go, these two are the most successful in terms of still being relevant today. Some will argue Ruben and Clay were more successful, but those two really aren’t doing much these days, and haven’t been relevant for at least the last 10 or so years (besides Clay running for Congress and losing). But really, I can’t think of another final 2 where both of them are still relevant today like these two. I guess it helped that they were young on the show and are only in their 20s now- the age where most music careers barely begin to take off, at least in country music. 

    But yeah, it’s crazy to think Scotty is married and Lauren was engaged at one point. I know it doesn’t matter at this point whether they dated, but I was feeling particularly nostalgic with these two. I always laughed at the fans who were mad when Scotty got engaged and it wasn’t to Lauren (yes there were still people out there who were shipping them). 

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  4. The country kids! Unpopular opinion but they were my favorite final 2- not necessarily the best compared to other final 2’s but I as a country fan it was fun to have a country finale. 


    Does anybody else think they had something going on? 

    Watch this video and judge for yourself:


  5. I'm a little late in the seasons ranking responses, but here we go:


    Honorable Mention: Season 18- I too felt bad for the contestants who were looking forward to performing on the big stage. Regardless, the show made the best of the situation. It wouldn't have benefited anyone to wait until next year or outright cancel the season, screwing the contestants over. Still, its sad these contestants didn't get a proper season. I think a lot of them would had shined on the big stage.


    017. Season 12- The way the show was run this season was atrocious, its no wonder Nigel got fired. I'm guessing a lot of it wasn't his fault, but still. The separating of the boys and girls in Hollywood was a failed experiment. Then we had the Vegas "live" rounds which was kinda bad TV because we had so much fodder to get through. Then of course we have the infamous Nicki/Mariah feud which added fuel to the fire of a struggling season. The boys were very week and the girls were very strong, but even when we were left with the top 5 girls, the season still felt somewhat boring to me. I think it was the over abundance of ballads (there was even a theme where no ballads were allowed, that should tell you something). Still, Candice was a very deserving winner, even though Kree is more of my cuppa.


    016. Season 9- I think many Idol fans still refer this as the "red headed step child of American Idol." For me, I remember at the time not really hating the season as much as other fans. I liked Crystal and Siobhan. Casey and Lee were fine too. But looking back, most of the cast were boring performers. I remember watching Season 10 and thinking "Damn, maybe 9 wasn't so great after all." Besides the cast being a bore, the judging panel didn't gel together. And I sadly blame Ellen for that. She didn't really interact with her fellow judges. And for as talented as Crystal (arguably the best contestant that season) was, I don't think she connected to a lot of people. Her music was very niche and her personality was off putting to a lot of people (such as back talking to the judges, and not very bubbly). Then we have Casey who was very wooden as a performer and Siobhan/Lee/Mike were inconsistent.


    015. Season 14- Probably my least invested season. I agree with pretty much everything you said. The cast was pretty diverse as far as genres, but most of them were inconsistent and the format really sucked. I liked Nick better than a lot of people here did, but he wasn't very exciting.


    014. Season 13- I think there were actually some things they got right this season. The songbook and themes were updated. We didn't see the same old tired songs and themes this season. The panel was also a lot better than Season 12. The addition of instruments to the auditions was a nice change. But I agree that the semi finals format was atrocious. I hated the rush week format. But seeing the top 5 twist blow up in their faces was pretty amazing LOL. We were left with a very talented top 4 and winner, but I found myself bored thoughtout the season.


    013. Season 17- I agree, the weakest out of the ABC seasons. I remember how much promise it started with but it went away once the live shows started. But something that really bugged me was the elimination order and voting habits. Wade shouldn't have made it as far as he did, let alone the top 10. Him outlasting Jeremiah was a travesty. I was happy to see Laine win in the end, but wish he would had done more of his swampy blues stuff instead of his Elvis impersonations.


    012. Season 15- It was a fun season for the nostalgia. I loved seeing past alumni coming back throughout the season. The finale was also fun, even though the top 10 from that season were snubbed. Having a face off between two powerhouse vocalists, Trent and La'Porsha was a great way to end the original Idol run. My one complaint is I wish the season wasn't so rushed. Why not send off the show with a proper full season?


    011. Season 16- I thought this was a great way to kick off the rebooted Idol, even though the live shows were once again way too rushed. We had a deserving winner, along with some other memorable contestants. I wouldn't rank it among the best seasons of all time, but it was still a solid season with a diverse top 10 and a lot of fun personalities.


    010. Season 2- This was the first season I actually saw. I heard about the show a lot at the end of Season 1, but this is the first season we watched as a family. It wasn't until the later rounds that we started consistently watching, but I still remember the excitement of the Ruben/Clay finale.


    009. Season 10- My personal favorite season. The show felt fresh again after Season 9. I loved the more positive vibe from the judges, which was a welcome relief after the nastiness of the Season 9 judges, even though the started to feel more useless towards the end of the season. But the top 13 was incredibly diverse in musical styles and genres. R&B, Country, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Indie-Folk, Soul, Reggae, and Gospel were all represented. The cast itself was fun with some big personalities. Each of the top 10/11 I feel gave at least one big standout performance. And of course, it gave me my favorite winner/contestant of all time. I do wonder if I would had enjoyed the season as much without Scotty, but we will never know. I actually enjoyed the final 2 as I was a fan of both. I can see why a lot of fans didn't enjoy it though. But the finale results show itself was probably the best finale results show ever (Besides the S15 one). I don't think we'll ever match the star power of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, TLC, Carrie Underwood, Aerosmith, Jack Black, Judas Priest, U2, and more in any finale of any talent show again.


    I'll do the 2nd half later so I don't bore you all too much with a tldr.







  6. I'm late to the party, but I figured I would respond. I have read these and find myself wanting to say what's on my mind, so here we go!


    014. Nicki Minaj- I thought she had some critiques that were spot on, and sometimes she made me laugh, but I agree that she was very unprofessional.


    013. Ellen DeGeneres- I liked her fine at the time, but looking back and watching videos, she was totally out of her element. She never gave any good feedback besides "You have a great voice" or "I thought you were great." It was also bizarre when she told Andrew Garcia his "Gimme Shelter" was his best performance ever. She never seemed sincere to me.


    012. Mariah Carey- She probably would have done better without Nicki on the panel, but her critiques were very long winded and boring. She was passive aggressive towards Nicki from day 1.


    011. Luke Bryan- He's a great guy, but is more of a cheerleader than a judge. But I think he at least knows what he is talking about, which is more than I can say about other judges *Cough Ellen.*


    010. Harry Connick, Jr.- I think he knows a lot about music, but was way too technical and critical with contestants. Not everything has to be sung one way. He had his funny moments, but other moments were just awkward.


    009. Lionel Richie- I'm also pretty neutral on him. I like that he seems genuinely invested in the singers, but I wish he was a little more constructive.


    008. Katy Perry- Sometimes she can be a little too obnoxious, but other times I find her hilarious. Sometimes she gives critiques that are spot on, but there are times I wish she was more critical.


    007. Steven Tyler- He's my Mom's favorite LOL. Besides a few performances in Season 10, he was pretty useless as a judge. But in Season 11 he started to be more critical. Regardless, he was entertaining, and would had loved to see him as more of a long term judge.


    006. Randy Jackson- I didn't dislike him like other fans seemed to, but I was fine with him stepping down as a judge. It was time. It was nice to have him as a consistent in Seasons 10-12 amidst all the judging changes.


    005. Jennifer Lopez- I have a soft spot for her because she championed my favorite from day 1 (Scotty), and took Pia Toscano under her wing. I don't think she was as tough on Haley compared to Randy, and wasn't anymore tough on Jessica Meuse than Harry or Keith were. I never got the meme that she was harder on the females compared to the males, especially when we had Paula. I thought she did a good job with the "motherly role" that was missing in Season 9.


    004. Kara DioGuardi- She was annoying and cringe worthy in Season 8. Like her vendetta against Bikini Girl and some of her critiques were horrid. "I have six words for you: One of the best performances of the night" (It was 8 words for those who don't know), and calling Studio 54 "Studio 57." She tried way too hard. In Season 9, she definitely stepped up her critiques and was spot on a lot of the time. But the problem is she wasn't a good television personality. She came off as cold. I was happy to see her leave after Season 9, even though she really stepped up.


    003. Paula Abdul- I actually wasn't sorry to see her go after Season 8 because she always seemed to be the producers mouthpiece. She was super biased towards having the Danny/Adam finale. I also remember her preferring Bo over Carrie. Its okay to have your favorites, but I felt like she was biased. I remember when Simon told Bo he sang "Inside Your Heaven" better than Carrie she raised her fist in the air and said "YES!" and couldn't stop smiling. But even though at the time I wasn't sorry to see her leave after Season 8, Season 9 would had benefited with having her there. None of the judges had the "nurturing mother" role and that was sorely missed in the panel that year. We didn't have anybody who stood up to Simon when he was harsh (Sometimes Ryan did). I think the contestants were always afraid of making a mistake that season because the judges were overly harsh and I think that affected their performances negatively. Having Paula there would had helped IMO. She was the heart of the panel and even though Ellen was supposed to fill that role, she wasn't very motherly or encouraging like Paula.


    002. Keith Urban- I think he did a good job as a judge. He knew how to be honest without being harsh. I agree that sometimes he seemed a little too laid back, but I thought he played the "fatherly" role very well. Good for him for sticking around after Season 12. Harry/JLo had to be paradise compared to Nicki/Mariah.


    001. Simon Cowell- In his earlier seasons, he was entertaining, and he was the one you had to impress. If you earned his praise, then that was a big deal. However, in his later seasons on Idol, his novelty wore off. When he wanted to throw someone under the bus, he would pick on what they were wearing (coming from the guy who wears the same 3 t-shirts every week). I started hating how he would be harsh towards certain contestants. I remember he was hard on Carly Smithson practically every week. Then in Season 8, he would throw Allison Iraheta under the bus over the littlest things and said she had no personality. He tried to do everything he could to get his Danny/Adam finale. Then in Season 9 he always picked on Siobhan for her screaming and her outfits. I have to say that I was happy to see him gone after Season 9, although I did worry about how the show would go survive (It did and ratings actually went up for Season 10). Didn't miss him at all in Season 10 or the subsequent seasons after. Part of me though wonders what he would had said or thought of the contestants in Season 10 and beyond.


    I will try to respond to the seasons ranking later.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Carrie_On said:

    Angela Peele (S1)

    Adriel Herrera (S1)

    Kelly Glover (S1)

    Lisa Leuschner (S3)

    Ayla Brown (S5)

    Sabrina Sloan (S6)

    Alaina Whitaker (S7)

    Ricky Braddy (S8)

    Kristen McNamara (S8)

    Felicia Barton (S8)

    Jesse Langseth (S8)

    Lily Scott (S9)

    Alex Lambert (S9)

    Katelyn Epperly (S9)

    Kendra Chantelle (S10)

    Lauren Turner (S10)

    Isabelle Pascalone (S12)

    Kenz Hall (S13)

    Maurice Townsend (S13)

    Jillian Jensen (S13)

    Katherine Winston (S14)

    Effie Passero (S16)

    Shannon O’ Hara (S16)

    Lauren Spencer-Smith (S18)





    Oh yeah, I forgot about Effie. She was definitely robbed also. And Lauren from this year was good.

  8. Who were the most robbed semi-finalists from each season? Those who you felt should had been in the top 12/13/etc.


    I'm going to do mine by season

    Season 1: None

    Season 2: None

    Season 3: Lisa Leuschner

    Season 4: None

    Season 5: Ayla Brown

    Season 6: Sabrina Sloan

    Season 7: Alexandrea Lushington, Alaina Whitaker

    Season 8: Mishavonna Henson, Ricky Braddy, Felicia Barton

    Season 9: Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert

    Season 10: Lauren Turner

    Season 11: None

    Season 12: None

    Season 13: Brandy Neely (Not even getting to sing was BS)

    Season 14: None

    Season 15: Jenn Blosil

    Season 16: None

    Season 17: Ashley Hess

    Season 18: None

  9. If each "epoch" of American Idol were a single season, which finalists would be in your cast? Try to make it a top 12 or 13, but 10 is okay too. And try to make it diverse and not just necessarily your favorites. There are people I'm not too wild about that I will include for the sake of diversity. And try to make it as realistic as possible (i.e. don't make your whole top 12 all female. There can be some gender imbalance if it makes sense).


    Epoch 1 (Seasons 1, 2, 3)- Big Voice/Diva Era

    Epoch 2 (Seasons 4, 5, 6)- Peak Years

    Epoch 3 (Seasons 7, 8, 9)- WGWG/"Artistry" Era

    Epoch 4 (Seasons 10, 11, 12)- Interscope/Iovine Era

    Epoch 5 (Seasons 13, 14, 15)- Twilight Years on Fox

    Epoch 6 (Seasons 16, 17, 18)- Reboot/ABC Era


    Here is what I would choose:


    Epoch 1: (Top 10)

    Kelly Clarkson
    Fantasia Barrino
    Diana Degarmo

    LaToya London
    Jennifer Hudson

    Justin Guarini

    Clay Aiken
    Ruben Studdard

    Josh Gracin

    George Huff


    Epoch 2: (Top 12)

    Bo Bice

    Blake Lewis

    Chris Daughtry

    Carrie Underwood

    Jordin Sparks

    Melinda Doolittle

    Elliott Yamin

    Anwar Robinson

    Taylor Hicks


    Katharine McPhee

    Vonzell Solomon


    Epoch 3: (Top 13)

    Crystal Bowersox

    Allison Iraheta

    Siobhan Magnus

    Syesha Mercado

    David Cook

    David Archuleta

    Kris Allen

    Carly Smithson

    Brooke White

    Kristy Lee Cook

    Adam Lambert

    Lee Dewyze

    Danny Gokey


    Epoch 4: (Top 13)

    Scotty McCreery

    Phillip Phillips

    James Durbin

    Joshua Ledet

    Colton Dixon

    Casey Abrams

    Candice Glover

    Haley Reinhart

    Elise Testone

    Jessica Sanchez

    Lauren Alaina

    Naima Adedapo

    Pia Toscano


    Epoch 5: (Top 12)

    Caleb Johnson

    Clark Beckham

    Trent Harmon

    Dalton Rapattoni

    Jena Irene

    La'Porsha Renae

    Sonika Vaid

    Joey Cook

    Quentin Alexander

    Alex Preston

    Sarina-Joi Crowe

    Avalon Young


    Epoch 6: (Top 12)

    Maddie Poppe


    Just Sam

    Julia Gargano

    Gabby Barrett

    Catie Turner

    Laine Hardy

    Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

    Dennis Lorenzo

    Francisco Martin


    Dillon James


    Let me know what you think! Feel free to make your own!


    ETA: Nick is the only winner I don't have listed. I actually prefer him to some other winners, but this is how it ended up. *Shrug*

  10. I was just watching back some Season 8 clips and saw Tatiana Del Toro. Was she for real? Was she really bats**t crazy or was it an act? She almost strikes me as being an actress. That would be something if she was actually just trolling the whole time and is actually somewhat normal. I saw that in her semi finals performance she was somewhat normal, then for her wildcard song went back to being cray cray. You would think the contestants have to pass some kind of psychiatric test to be on the show? What do you think? Was it all an act, or is that what she is really like?

  11. 6 minutes ago, ScarletDevilCCX said:


    You clearly haven't watched this show in quite some time then! The virus kind of wrecked it, but the talent this season was at its highest since they performed a Y-chromosomectomy on Season 12 Season 11.


    Unless you only watched these past two weeks. Then your criticism is fine because the judges kind of dropped the ball in crafting a Top 20 and the voters really dropped the ball narrowing those 20 contestants down to 11 and then 7. I'm probably in the minority here, but I'd put the cut from 11 to 7 this year right up there with Season 9's 16 to 12 cutdown for worst quad-elimination by the voters.

    Just ignore him/her, she/he has been trashing the show the whole season. While praising The Voice. Saying Idol had bad ratings while the Voice's were amazing (Even though Idol beat the Voice last week). Verging on a troll TBH.

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  12. 14 minutes ago, Cranberrys said:

    They need to fire everyone currently associated with Idol - Seacrest, the Judges, and the Producers, go back to the drawing board, and start from scratch.  I don't ever want to see Katy Perry again - anywhere! This season was so bad I couldn't even watch it.  I held my nose & skimmed thru bits and pieces of the episodes I recorded on DVR - and avoided more than half the episodes altogether.  


    They need to make major changes to the format and get the new panel of Judges involved in the contestants song choices and mentoring - and send Bobby Bones back to radio.   If they don't change the format I won't watch at all anymore.

    Meh, I don't think you would be a big loss. And you are bitter that Idol beat The Voice last week, after you trashed the ratings earlier in the season. ;)

  13. On 5/15/2020 at 12:29 PM, Carrie_On said:

    I agree. Less talking and more singing. I want Nigel Lythgoe back. I’m sure he’s learned from the S12 blunder. I did enjoy Season 16 but the past two seasons have been poorly managed, even though the talent has been great. 

    I think this season would had been better managed if it weren't for the pandemic.

  14. David Cook

    Kelly Clarkson

    Laine Hardy

    Carrie Underwood

    Jordin Sparks

    Maddie Poppe

    Scotty McCreery

    Kris Allen

    Phillip Phillips

    Just Sam

    Trent Harmon

    Candice Glover

    Fantasia Barrino

    Nick Fradiani

    Lee Dewyze

    Ruben Studdard

    Caleb Johnson

    Taylor Hicks



  15. Surprised there hasn't been a thread for it yet (Unless I am blind and didn't see it). What have you been watching? Any old school movies/tv shows that you are getting hooked on all over again?


    I watched The Madalorion and 10/10 would recommend. Baby Yoda ❤️

  16. Some of them also struggled after the show. David Archuleta has gone through years of emotional turmoil of the stress from the show and the fracture it cause within his family. Lauren Alaina had a eating disorder. Allison Iraheta never lived up to her potential and ended up as a back-up singer for the show.

    Some of the older contestants struggled after the show too.


    I also think David Archuleta held himself together better than say, Brooke White, who was often on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

  17. The show has had some really strong teen contestants in the past. David Archuleta, Allison Iraheta, Paris Bennett, Jordin Sparks, and Lauren Alaina were all ready for the competition. But most of the time, the teens just aren’t ready to compete on a big stage and have a hard time connecting to the songs. Especially in recent seasons.


    I’m ready for Top 40 spoilers!

    Plus Scotty McCreery, Jessica Sanchez, Jena Irene, and Gabby Barrett- all made the finales for their seasons.

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