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  1. I think Francisco is in 3rd place. He's being featured now on Idol's social media after Sam and Arthur.
  2. During the shocking elimination of Jennifer Hudson in the Top 7, Ryan announced that she had the highest number of votes in the previous week (Top 8).
  3. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/05/15/american-idol-bay-areas-francisco-martin-set-for-finale/amp/?__twitter_impression=true The contestants aren’t allowed to specifically say what numbers they’ll do, but Martin hinted that, if he does get to sing, one song will be a cover he previously performed and the other will be “something nostalgic.” “There will be no original songs for this round,” he says. “I try to make smart song choices. I know what people want to hear and what they don’t want to hear.” It has been known that the Top 5 will sing a repeat
  4. Has anyone ever played the drums on the Idol stage? Would like to see Francisco do that in the finale.
  5. I'm hoping as well but I'm kinda worried for the voting since the finale won't air live on the west coast. Only the viewers from the east coast live broadcast will have the opportunity to vote for the winner, unless some fans from the west coast will tune in via live streaming or get updates from social media in order to vote real-time.
  6. It seems that the finale won't be aired live coast-to-coast despite the real-time voting to determine the winner. Idol twitter says 8/7c, not 8 ET/5 PT. Also checked the tv listings for ABC west coast affiliates and it shows that the finale is at 8 PT.
  7. Probably Jovin is saved because Just Sam is the only black contestant in the Top 10.
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