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  1. Max for example. She could've guided him into a more popular direction, but instead she decided it was a good idea to turn him into a belter! wacko.gif I was right when I felt he'd have been better off with Gwen. He's the type of singer Gwen might have guided with more flair and he could've lasted a little longer.


    Has Max confirmed that he had nothing to do with choosing Unaware? That seems like an awfully random song choice for TPTB (or a coach) to foist on to someone during Dedication week. It seems like a week where the contestants would have more control (although some of them surely had no say after Dedication week).


    In fact I thought the song choice was a direct result of Max being clever and deciding to sing whatever he felt like singing and then just pretending his toddler niece/nephew like it - hey, what baby doesn't love Allen Stone? :lol:


    Also, it's not really a belter song? Didn't he sing it mainly in falsetto? Maybe it wasn't sentimental enough to connect with the audience during a particularly gloppy week, but I don't think it was a bad song choice for Max. Other contestants survived with less well known songs and songs that were less well-suited to them (and to this show).


    I think Max would have stayed and bounced back if he hadn't messed up his IS song.




  2. I do kinda feel bad for Max for having to be stuck in that group.


    It's pretty shocking that he's not performing with the A-list guest of his choice like most 12th/13th place Voice contestants. He was clearly America's sweetheart, you can tell because he lost an IS to Queen Joana.


    IMO, this was a very predictable group for a finale performance. I'm sure it will be forgettable like virtually every other "supergroup" performance, but I hope they all enjoy their final moments on the Voice stage. :flowers:

  3. Will has a show with Alex in Atlanta on January 26. COME TO TEXAS WILL


    Try suggesting a venue to Will's dog/Dad on Instagram :lol: - he seems to be hard at work helping Will out with scheduling.


    My prediction is that Will gets 4 lines in a group song that includes Max, Alex and Shane. I hope I'm wrong and it's a bit more exciting than that. I haven't watched since Season 11 some I'm not sure what finale Tuesdays have been like since 2016. :P


    I am super excited for a new EP. He also mentioned a single in the works. It would be awesome to have something early in the new year (I'm not sure how long he's locked up with the Voice contract).


    As for the Voice, it was pretty clear from his live that he was NOT into Locked Out of Heaven. He mentioned being uncomfortable with the lyrics and noted that he wanted to rearrange it and was not allowed to, but he did so with a nice diplomatic "John knows best" and "a lot goes into it" attitude. :ph34r:





  4. My faves (people I have actually voted for) after starting to watch in season 3:


    James Wolpert (S5)

    Taylor John Williams (S7)

    Jeffery Austin (S9)

    Brendan Fletcher (S11)

    Will Breman (S17)


    That's it - that's the list. No spring season contestant has ever held my attention and I was not into S13 or S15.


    Looking forward to seeing my next fave be instantly eliminated in the bloodbath next fall! :haha:

  5. I voted with many, many email addresses, but I'm not sure he can recover from John's weird desire to have him sing Bruno Mars in a semifinal :wacko: Hopefully iTunes is wrong this time.


    In yet another late night insta live, Will seemed very content to just be in the top 8. Still hoping for one more song.


    Also, Will doesn't seem to fully understand how the bloodbath works and initially said he wasn't sure if there was an instant save this week. :lol:

  6. I like the song but is not what TPTB give a contestant they want in their top 4. But we already knew that was a longshot for Will. I hope he sings and performs the hell out of it and gets that #6 spot.


    I agree that he will likely open the show. Maybe they will just leave him onstage and have his duet second.

  7. Speaking of Ricky’s song meaning anything , marybeths stomp your feet could to. Stomping your feet could be used in non-country songs? Like many worship songs. Perhaps she was referring to her duet, or it might not have meant anything. I still think they’re likely to pimp her in order to bus my snowflakes


    Ricky will have some typical Voice voter bait - Blake knows what he's doing.


    Has Marybeth done upbeat yet? She might as well try to do something different. Hopefully it's not a Suds in the Bucket type of situation.


    I'm expecting Will to perform first with some wildly inappropriate-for-Will song. Maybe Adam gave John a call to suggest "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan or a Meatloaf song (still bitter about my season 5 and 11 faves :haha: )

  8. Hello Sunday deserve more credit than they seem to be amassing. One wonders if they will do better, in reality (ultimately), than it seems.


    If they land in the middle three with Ricky and one of Kat/Marybeth/Will, I can seem them winning the IS and making the finale. (I don't think they would beat Rose if she ends up singing for the IS).



    Oh. I missed it :(


    If it makes you feel any better, you also missed Will eating a pile of tater tots and two tacos with his face all up in the camera. :lol:


    I don't know what to feel about tonight. I feel like he could have made it into the top 7. If he has to sing, I hope he has something cool up his sleeve.


    Also, he just hit top 20 on iTunes, which is essentially meaningless in terms of figuring out how the voting went, but he was tearing up over being in the 30s last night. <3



  10. More to that, it’s a little yikes that Hello Sunday, Shane, and Will have asked their fans to stream and buy their song yet they still can’t manage to scrape the charts yet, it shows a lack of support


    As of last week, Will was not aware that the songs are available for purchase. (Myla corrected him :lol:)


    He also seems to think that the iTunes Top 100 is a ranking for streams. So, all he's really done is tell people to stream his song outside of the voting window. He's not particularly savvy at promoting himself.

  11. I do think that Will can survive this week if he gets to pick a song that he actually wants to perform on the show. I am not going to try to guess what it might be.


    Light My Fire was a producer's pick (which he said is not something he would cover) and IF he picked the Jason Mraz song, it probably had more to do with the actual lyrics and the dedication to his mom.


    Style was straight from his usual setlist - I know it put him in the bottom 3 of team John, but if he were really low overall in live PO voting, I doubt he would still be on the show. I think all 3 members of Team Legend were probably in the top 10.


    With a song that he's already comfortable with, maybe he can squeak into next week. Placement in the second half of the show and a standing O might help.





  12. Whew!


    Well, with Shane still in and only one going home next week, I'm feeling pretty good about Will's Top 10 prospects.


    Can't wait to see what song Will, John, the producers pick for him next week off of the fake fan suggestions list. :lol:

  13. I hate "I Won't Give Up." I could never listen to that whole song by anybody so I'm grateful for the two minute version.


    I also thought Will sounded at least as good if not better than he did on his studio recording. It's just not particularly the song I wanted to hear him sing! I wish he had picked a cool song and just said it's his mom's favorite, which is essentially what Max did.


    I was a little confused by the wandering around and running :lol: Did the producers tell him he had to cover every inch of the stage? :haha: I feel like a mic stand should have been used at some point.


    Anyway, I'm hoping he finished at least 10th in the voting. I wouldn't be surprised if he's safe and I wouldn't be surprised if he loses to Hello Sunday in the IS. :ph34r:

  14. Kat was asking people to vote for her to do a Kacey M song for fan week. Marybeth wants to do Chris S. Neither of them seemed wild about their live playoff song


    Oh, do they have reason to believe that TPTB actually look at the fan's song picks? I just figured those suggestions go directly into the void.

  15. Boy, you are gonna be SO sorry if that request comes true. :x


    Anyway here are my *serious* suggestions:


    Redbone (Childish Gambino)

    The Blower's Daughter (Damien Rice)

    Viva la Vida (Coldplay)

    Shotgun (George Ezra)

    Waiting on the World to Change (John Mayer)

    How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees)

    Say You Won't Let Go/Impossible/Naked (James Arthur)


    I like most of these - except I never want to hear that John Mayer song again. I had James Arthur and Damien Rice on my mental list.


    Happier (Stripped) - Marshmello ft. Bastille

    Love Lockdown (Kanye)

    Skinny Love (Bon Iver)


    He has little mini covers of two of these on Instagram and I think it could work. I'd actually like him to flip one of Blake's songs. Maybe a funk version of "Honey Bee" or something.


    Since it's dedications week and the songs tend to suck, I really hope Will manages to stick around for at least one more week.



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