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  1. That's so nice of GNT, wishing that Holly would come back to the show. Also, it shows how clever they are using the Hollywood sign. Just love them Bekah's latest IG story Is a picture looking up at palm trees with the caption "stay true to who you are" . Maybe another clue? To me this says that they are going back to 60s - 70s folk / Americana Maybe the palm tree means they are gonna sing California Dreaming.
  2. Here is a clip of the interview with Blake. Fallon praises Blake for being a good coach and thinks he will win this season. Blake presses him on this and Fallon then admits that he thinks Kelly will win because of her "band". Blake calls GNT a band as well, and goes on to dis Kelly as the worst coach ever on the Voice. Fallon then asks if she is worst than Adam and Blake corrects himself and calls her the second worst coach
  3. Blake Shelton was on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon told him Kelly is going to win this season because of GNT
  4. Bekah also used this picture in her IG story over a drawing of a crescent moon I wonder if this is a hint . Lately, I've been wanting them to sing Ventura Highway by America. They would kill this song, and there's a line in it.....where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine
  5. I wonder if Lana will be GNTs duet partner? From the Battles, we know they work well with country artists
  6. What do people think about the possibility of a GNT + J&S duet so that the Voice can proclaim "first quintet ever"
  7. Fire department + disco ball = Disco Inferno Burn baby burn .......
  8. More Than a Feeling would be great for them. I believe in an IG story Bekah wrote she crashed her car because she listened to that song "too closely"
  9. The YouTube views for Dust in the Wind have really taken off as well! Yesterday, GNT and Wendy were close in views with GNT at 177k and Wendy at 165k. Now GNT is at 489k and Wendy at 268k! Every time I refresh the stats their views keep going up!
  10. GNT views have really increased! Currently at 463k. The next closest is Wendy at 264k.
  11. I sent suggestions for California Dreaming via the app a while ago. It has great harmonies and a flute solo so Bekah can show her skills on the flute! They already picked their next song. In an interview I saw a while ago, can't remember the contestant, they said they basically start working on next weeks song right after the live results show ends. Bekah also had a short segment in her IG story. She seemed so excited and said she can't wait for next week. Don't know what they picked but I can't wait either
  12. GNT's Wichita Lineman got a bump and is ahead of Wendy's Blue Bayou.
  13. Another incredible performance from them Bekah is a literal angel. I'm glad they are charting so well on iTunes, no one else is close. It's a good affirmation that they are positively received by the general public. Fairly sure they are through to next week, fan suggestions, can't wait!
  14. Tearing up already. They sound so good. Sung live, dedicated to their dad, its going to be a special moment.
  15. So I've been commenting to GNT on a couple of their IG posts how I hope they could sing 23 for dedication week, and they replied back with what might be a hint that they are going to sing it! https://www.instagram.com/p/CWGxp_Sv4XP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Sorry, I'm not sure how to post the link so it shows automatically. This is the post after singing Creep where they were telling everyone that we belong, just as we are. They are so nice! Anyway I commented that they are positive and uplifting. I then mentioned since next week is dedication week, I hope that The Voice would let them sing 23 dedicated to their dad. They replied back today "We wishhhh". So either they are saying they wish they could sing 23, or they are telling me shhhh and they are going to sing 23 .
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