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  1. 1.Arthur Gunn 2.Jonny West 3.Dillon James 4.Fransisco Martin 5.Just Sam
  2. Rooting for them all the way : 1. Arthur Gunn 2.Jovin Webb Grown to love her: 3.Julia Gargano I expected more from them but I'm still supporting them: 4.Makayla Phillips 5.Dillon James Were some of my favorites earlier but not a fan of their past performances : 6.Grace Leer 7.Jonny West 8.Sophia James 9.Just Sam 10.Francisco Martin 11.Louis Knight
  3. Honestly, this was the perfect case scenario for me personally. This was a very strong top 20, and there were some very deserving contestants, I'll miss Cynthia & Kimmy who had a perfect performance this week but this top 11 is really the best they've had IMO. Thank you for the spoilers
  4. Rooting for them : Arthur Gunn - He's the entire package, seems like a very genuine dude with a lot of talent and artistry. When he first opened his mouth to sing during the auditions, I knew he would be someone I'd like, his voice is great, and then he sang 'Have you ever seen the rain' trying desperately to keep his eyes open and I knew I woud be a fan for life, simply because this man communicates so much joy through his singing, he's memorable and so darn endearing, as I said before the entire package. Jovin Webb - Everything about this guy is perfect; His audition is nothing less than stellar, it reminds me why I keep watching Idol each year, and it's so I could discover gems like him, his song choices throughout the rounds were exactly the music I listen to, his voice is beauuutiful and I think it's fair to say that I'll continue to enjoy each one of his performances, he picks the right songs and has the kind of voice that makes me melt. Grace Leer - She embodies the kind of country music that is timeless and has a great voice, plus she nailed Mama's Broken Heart, what's not to love? Jonny West - I always forget how much I like Jonny's actual voice until he opens his voice and I'm reminded that there is so much talent this season; He's got a little edge though over his competition because his originals are so freaking good, I really hope that he gets signed either way and he becomes a little star, he also seems like a good kid. He's got two winners with his original during the auditions and again with Moment, which says a lot about how much talent he's got, it wasn't a fluke the first time, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him. Makayla Phillips - How come she's only 17, this little Ariana/Jessie J mini version could go on to do great things, singing seems to come so naturally to her. I actually love her singing 'Cuz I love you and Sorry Not Sorry which shows that she's not only a powerhouse but can go on to become a little pop princess with the right songs and right support from a good label. Sophia Wackerman - I honestly feel like she's got the best female voice in the competition, but Hawaii was the first time I truly connected with her and felt like she's given a memorable performance and I hope she keeps doing just that. Dillon James Lauren Mascitti Very talented, I enjoy their performances : Cyniah Elise - Great singer, Hollywood round during the duets turned me off her a little, especially since after all the fuss, Makayla sang better than her, although she was great too.. Julia Gargano - Same as Kimmy but I do enjoy her voice more. Lauren Spencer-Smith Kimmy Gabriella - 100% agree with Kary, never remember her perfomances or what she sang but I do know that I like her voice. Dewayne Crocker Jr. I acknowledge their talent but I don't like them Olivia Ximines Francisco Martin Samantha Diaz (Just Sam) Don't understand the appeal: Aliana Jester Franklin Boone Faith Becnel Louis Knight Nick Merico
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