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  1. 1.Arthur Gunn 2.Jonny West 3.Dillon James 4.Fransisco Martin 5.Just Sam
  2. Rooting for them all the way : 1. Arthur Gunn 2.Jovin Webb Grown to love her: 3.Julia Gargano I expected more from them but I'm still supporting them: 4.Makayla Phillips 5.Dillon James Were some of my favorites earlier but not a fan of their past performances : 6.Grace Leer 7.Jonny West 8.Sophia James 9.Just Sam 10.Francisco Martin 11.Louis Knight
  3. Honestly, this was the perfect case scenario for me personally. This was a very strong top 20, and there were some very deserving contestants, I'll miss Cynthia & Kimmy who had a perfect performance this week but this top 11 is really the best they've had IMO. Thank you for the spoilers
  4. Rooting for them : Arthur Gunn - He's the entire package, seems like a very genuine dude with a lot of talent and artistry. When he first opened his mouth to sing during the auditions, I knew he would be someone I'd like, his voice is great, and then he sang 'Have you ever seen the rain' trying desperately to keep his eyes open and I knew I woud be a fan for life, simply because this man communicates so much joy through his singing, he's memorable and so darn endearing, as I said before the entire package. Jovin Webb - Everything about this guy is perfect; His audition is n
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