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  1. 30 minutes ago, BogoGog24 said:

    The thing is just because a song is good does not necessarily mean it would do well on the radio/make a good radio single. I think Potential would have done well because it has a big chorus, but the other ballads like Laying Low or Human Diary for example, I don't think are what you can consider to be "radio friendly." Sway and Goodbye Summer were chosen as singles because they are radio-friendly, not necessarily because they're better songs. It's hard to make a ballad become a hit unless it's from an A-lister, otherwise it needs to be more like a power ballad like Jesus Take the Wheel or something like that, something with a big, soaring chorus.

    i rest my case. very radio friendly and total commercial meh. Without Worth It being released, DB would have gotten no recognition from her second album...that she deserves. my bet is release good songs and the rest will come...Was true for Musgraves and as an artist i would live with those results. I mean, really, is Sway something to hang your hat on?

  2. 11 hours ago, Drew1903 said:

    I agree regarding Potential

    i think everyone worries about a radio hit, and i am not knowledgeable to know what makes good radio. but in my opinion all her team's attempts at radio hits have made much lesser songs released that what was really good on each one of her albums. It's a crime to me that Sway and Goodbye Summer were emphasized over Potential and Human Diary or Laying Low. And it was true in the first album as well.  I love DB's ballads and her long notes (remember her Voice repertoire?) and great voice.  I don't listen to radio at all so i cannot judge. I also don't think her song writing is competitive with many of the young talents out there even tho they all use similar co-writers.  Girls In My Hometown is very listenable, but doesn't have any gotcha moments to make you want to listen if you're not already a fan. It's not as well done as Carrie's similar exercise for I Ain't in Checotah Anymore either in verses or composition.  Just my opinion of course. If I were advising her, i would look long and hard at her release for Charlie's Angels for ways to embellish her sound if you're not going to stick to country. 

  3. NHIE has grown on me since i first heard it... i was wondering where y'all would rate it amongst the second album songs. i think i prefer all the ballads (P, HD, WI and LL), but ahead of Goodbye Summer. I confess to being very prone to her ballads. I have noticed that the talk months ago of an imminent album release have been wholly revamped to she's looking for new music for whatever album/EP may be next.

  4. 1 hour ago, BogoGog24 said:

    Um sorry to break it to you but that’s kind of how the music industry works. As much as I liked the ballads on her album, they never would have gotten much airplay because it’s not what radio generally plays unless it’s from a well-established artist. And even at that, the songs like Sway and the Thomas Rhett collab still failed to really make that big of an impact. It is a tough sell for female country artists, they can basically throw anything at the wall and hope something sticks.


    In general, I think she should focus on doing the music that feels natural to her and this song seems like a good example of that. But the label also decides what songs get to be singles and they aren’t going to waste time and money promoting songs they don’t think will be commercially successful enough to recoup their losses. That’s how the business works. If anything, they’re gonna probably release more pop-oriented stuff to radio because that’s what gets played. Gabby Barrett recently got a #1 with I Hope, which sounds very Carrie-esque, and it even crossed over to pop. Danielle is first and foremost a country artist but she’s also always incorporated other genres like pop and R&B in her music. She’s not a traditional country artist. 

    That's what makes horse races, isn't it. I think without her release of Worth It, her reputation from what was released, airplay and all, would have been a fraction of what it is. And worth it is no different from the other ballads. So my feeling is the friend zones, sways, etc are fine fillers for albums but you only get to make your mark with 2-3 songs, and then it's gone. And she could not have been worse off by releasing 2 ballads instead of Sway and Goodbye Summer.  And if we look at what she's done since with Shallow and Blackout...both are ballads and both were important to keep DB relevant.Neither is particularly radio friendly, but we know how successful a lot of versions of Shallow have been to streaming. Some music like Shallow has to be successfully listened to at home before it takes over the radio.   There's also notion that women singers have to be songwriters, but Carrie never was/is. Maybe a different time. Clearly Maren is and has seemingly replaced Miranda at that core.  

  5. On 5/9/2020 at 3:27 PM, Drew1903 said:

    Well, someday we will know and won't be guessing. But it has escaped me why it is thought or suggested that these songs are not part of the forthcoming album. I have had the understanding/impression from Danielle since long ago that they were or that was the plan

    because in not one press release or interview has she said it IS the first song from her album....that would be an expected statement. Furthermore, there's no radio add date or publicity. If it's her first song, i would think that's negligent. It's already dropping on iTunes and hopefully the streaming play she's getting will build in momentum...but i don't think so....My personal view is i hope her new album has "bigger" and less pop songs, but i don't profess to know what sells. i just was disappointed in the last album pushing Sway and Summer instead of Potential, Human Diary and Laying Low.  The constant thought about being radio friendly, in my mind, detracts from what her strengths are in ballads.

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  6. 1 hour ago, season1 said:

    There is no announced radio add date or impact date, so I am not sure if this will be a radio single. Sure, it's available for purchase and streaming, but it's not officially released to radio (yet).


    When "Sway" was released as lead-off single from IDBWM, they announced the radio impact date (when stations could start adding them to their rotaiton).

    brian tweets hometown in 3 weeks so i think it's clear they're not part of the album. makes me happier. 

  7. 27 minutes ago, Drew1903 said:

    What is giving you this "feeling"?  Are you, also, saying there will be more 'separate' (track) releases before the album, per se, is released?

    all the interviews with her, altho sparse in details, talk about how she's still working on her big project, and none state that this is the first drop. I think her first drop would be more promoted as such and have a radio date.. She's been off radio for soooo long. i would be that her second track about hometown girls may also get this treatment. I, for one, am looking for a bigger bang for DB3, but i am not in her demographic of choice.

  8. On 1/25/2020 at 3:26 AM, Drew1903 said:

    Excuse, if it seemed I overstepped.  True, we've had expectations (hopes) that didn't happen.  So we'll enjoy what we hear, que sera sera & I'll watch my words.

    It turns out you’re likely correct. She sang Never last nite at Whisky Bar in Nashville. 


  9. Honestly I think no matter what single they led with, it wouldn’t have made much difference. As long as country radio won’t play women, it’s not going to matter what they release and her situation with radio isn’t going to change. They tried songs like Friend Zone and Sway because it was the closest thing she had to the type of bro country radio normally plays, even having a song with Thomas Rhett didn’t really help her move up the charts much. It’s a boys game, unfortunately, and until that changes, I don’t see her getting much airplay regardless of what song she puts out.


    IMO she should move to pop instead, I think most of her music at this point sounds pop and R&B and not country, and she might have a better chance at getting radio play. Blackout is a pure pop song and was very well received, it was considered a highlight on an otherwise underwhelming soundtrack even by those unfamiliar with her. But yeah basically because the rest of the soundtrack tanked, I think that’s why people quickly forgot it.

    Think kacey musgraves. Radio can’t be the sole answer. Streaming at home has to big. I also think that dance music is very big too. That’s why all the young country women incl dB love rap and hip hop.

  10. Grace has been in the Top 20 of CBC's playlist for quite a while.


    I agree about Angelina. I feel she should, ought to, deserves to win this current AGT Champs thing. I have listened to & noticed for many years some crazy talent from all over the Globe... it's just wild to discover what's out there.


    There are a couple of other European girls who are truly amazing. One is Daneliya Tuleshova. She is very much worth a listen❗ SO impressive, she is❗ True, Danielle has not hit super-stardom or anything, but, she sure has not failed. She's nominated, respected, recognized & sure loved in Europe & UK. She has done lots, she's active & productive & agree her 3rd, done with Huff, will be impactful.


    Chevel may do very well. She has the potential. We'll see over the next few years. Danielle has, always, had the potential and, still, does. But, we all know it's a weird business and predicting or pegging why one goes mega & another doesn't is neigh on impossible... too many fickle factors fluxing. <-- Say that 5 times fast :haha:


    (Just) Reflect on (& listen to) someone like Ashley McBryde


    Many from Emmy Lou to John Prine to Nancy Griffith to Grace Potter to many HUGELY talented others ... it's hard to say why some such artists are not, ALL, HUGELY successful.


    Honestly, Danielle is who started me becoming aware of so many terrific young singers or other instruments from various places and I saw all this bizarre stuff; I'll, always, be glad of that. It is fun/has been fun, entertaining & enlightening looking through YTs just to see what one finds of this sort

    it is impossible to predict stardom or why some songs/singers make it. i feel DB's management has erred in always trying to "make" a radio song like friend zone or sway instead of leading with her best ballads. eg. it's a crime potential didn't lead the album. sway was just fun. Kacey will never be radio friendly but finally she's getting acclaim she deserves, and i would use Dani's strong voice first and forget radio play worthy.. The entire women's county seems to be evolving. Maren is replacing Miranda as the best singer/songwriter and Kelsea appears to be the charmer that was Carrie. DB won't supplant either of those in their strong points so she will have to settle on wonderful young star with the golden voice if they let her...fingers still crossed here. i think her whole second album was masterful. Also it's a damn shame how blackout went down after all the praise. Reminds me of all the hoopla we had over my day for the olympics. From what i have read, her single release should be imminent.

  11. Some may dispute it, but, I see Danielle as, actually, the "most successful The Voice contestant to date". Y'all agree or disagree?


    I will say that there is another female ex-winner same age Danielle was who may prove to be very successful, as well. Interestingly, both Country rooted.

    sorry drew. she's my fav but i can't say she's been successful yet. Whatever standard you use, you may find raelyn, the one who's now a songwriter, cassadee with her 2 songs and album, and the other one who has a very niche following...only DB3 can raise her where you wish...fingers crossed.


    btw, i just recently have seen the following young teen girl acts that y'all may love

    Angelina Jordan for Boheman Rhapsody audition on AGT Champions

    Mimi and Josey doing Creep in Germany Voice Kids audition

    and 2 slightly older AGT from a couple of years ago...both 12

    Darcy Lynn ventriloquist singer

    and the best Grace Vanderwaal a singer songwriter whose career has taken off

  12. Sometime after Nov 6, 2019, idolforums crashed due to server issues. When it came back, all the existing threads at the time of the crash are no longer accessible. The threads are there but the pages are gone. Adding new comments to those threads cause all old pages and comments to disappear.


    istersay locked the active threads to prevent wiping out the data in those threads in case they're able to recover and restore the threads with all comments. I remade Danielle's fan thread (and many others) based on archived data (as well as some info I saved on my laptop before). Here is the last known stats of the original Danielle fan thread:


    IPB Image


    Unfortunately, they were not able to restore the old threads so they removed them to clean up this site before the upgrade (which should take place soon).


    I saved a few pages back in 2015 and if I find some media or notable info on those save pages, I will post them here, to restore some "history" of Danielle's The Voice journey as well as her early post Voice career. I tried to archive all 1275 pages (at that time) but I didn't have storage space on my laptop, and the time to save the pages.


    If there are videos, images, info you would like to add to this fan thread, that would be great. :flowers:

    thanks so much

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