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  1. Do we know the dancers? Great trio of writers and article in the boot
  2. i rest my case. very radio friendly and total commercial meh. Without Worth It being released, DB would have gotten no recognition from her second album...that she deserves. my bet is release good songs and the rest will come...Was true for Musgraves and as an artist i would live with those results. I mean, really, is Sway something to hang your hat on?
  3. i think everyone worries about a radio hit, and i am not knowledgeable to know what makes good radio. but in my opinion all her team's attempts at radio hits have made much lesser songs released that what was really good on each one of her albums. It's a crime to me that Sway and Goodbye Summer were emphasized over Potential and Human Diary or Laying Low. And it was true in the first album as well. I love DB's ballads and her long notes (remember her Voice repertoire?) and great voice. I don't listen to radio at all so i cannot judge. I also don't think her song writing is competitive with many of the young talents out there even tho they all use similar co-writers. Girls In My Hometown is very listenable, but doesn't have any gotcha moments to make you want to listen if you're not already a fan. It's not as well done as Carrie's similar exercise for I Ain't in Checotah Anymore either in verses or composition. Just my opinion of course. If I were advising her, i would look long and hard at her release for Charlie's Angels for ways to embellish her sound if you're not going to stick to country.
  4. NHIE has grown on me since i first heard it... i was wondering where y'all would rate it amongst the second album songs. i think i prefer all the ballads (P, HD, WI and LL), but ahead of Goodbye Summer. I confess to being very prone to her ballads. I have noticed that the talk months ago of an imminent album release have been wholly revamped to she's looking for new music for whatever album/EP may be next.
  5. That's what makes horse races, isn't it. I think without her release of Worth It, her reputation from what was released, airplay and all, would have been a fraction of what it is. And worth it is no different from the other ballads. So my feeling is the friend zones, sways, etc are fine fillers for albums but you only get to make your mark with 2-3 songs, and then it's gone. And she could not have been worse off by releasing 2 ballads instead of Sway and Goodbye Summer. And if we look at what she's done since with Shallow and Blackout...both are ballads and both were important to keep DB relevant.Neither is particularly radio friendly, but we know how successful a lot of versions of Shallow have been to streaming. Some music like Shallow has to be successfully listened to at home before it takes over the radio. There's also notion that women singers have to be songwriters, but Carrie never was/is. Maybe a different time. Clearly Maren is and has seemingly replaced Miranda at that core.
  6. because in not one press release or interview has she said it IS the first song from her album....that would be an expected statement. Furthermore, there's no radio add date or publicity. If it's her first song, i would think that's negligent. It's already dropping on iTunes and hopefully the streaming play she's getting will build in momentum...but i don't think so....My personal view is i hope her new album has "bigger" and less pop songs, but i don't profess to know what sells. i just was disappointed in the last album pushing Sway and Summer instead of Potential, Human Diary and Laying Low. The constant thought about being radio friendly, in my mind, detracts from what her strengths are in ballads.
  7. brian tweets hometown in 3 weeks so i think it's clear they're not part of the album. makes me happier.
  8. all the interviews with her, altho sparse in details, talk about how she's still working on her big project, and none state that this is the first drop. I think her first drop would be more promoted as such and have a radio date.. She's been off radio for soooo long. i would be that her second track about hometown girls may also get this treatment. I, for one, am looking for a bigger bang for DB3, but i am not in her demographic of choice.
  9. I am getting the feeling that Never is not the first drop from DB3 but rather a filler like friend zone was and it won’t be released to radio.
  10. Here it is. I am too old to relate fully but maybe this is the connection to that younger group who has evaded her enormous talent to date. Fingers crossed.
  11. Someone needs to determine one bullett entertainment as her mgr fits in with the label. She’s evidently their first managed act.
  12. i must tell you that the new commercial format of this site cluttered with ads is a bit of a turnoff, tho the format does have some beauty.
  13. Here’s the Latest Words 4 the Music (@wordsworth0618) 1/29/20, 2:05 PM For her third album, ⁦‪@DBradbery‬⁩ is taking a careful, don’t rush it approach. When it’s right, she will know. From Maverick mag in the UK (which is very good btw—I subscribed to the digital vsn). pic.twitter.com/iJu5KWxMFT Download the Twitter app Todd Stimmel
  14. It turns out you’re likely correct. She sang Never last nite at Whisky Bar in Nashville.
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