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  1. I hope this link comes out OK but here is an interview Micah had with Arroe collins I heart radio before the show ended and it is a good interview. All in all it sounds like this was a great experience for Micah, especially right as he was thinking about how to enter into music.
  2. Ha ha.....I didn't even think about that.....their voices are very different but so good in their own ways. You are right though, there is a similarity in that sense.
  3. Well I'm glad I could still log in! And Congrats for another winner!!
  4. yeah....I noticed the forum set up has changed a little. Looks nice.
  5. Congratulations to Todd and to his fan group. Very impressive singing! It has to be a lot of fun for voice caster's to see their selections go on to the finals.....and wow , to the win.
  6. add me to the fan list.... he did really great this season!! I'm glad there was a fan thread rooting for him.
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