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  1. Lol I missed Jonathan's performance, but I'll go with Wendy
  2. Ari stans are mostly in the age range where they don't even have a TV
  3. If she can carry Social House to a top 10 hit she could probably do it for a voice contestant too I guess.
  4. Ariana of course. The opportunity to get close with her is worth way more than winning the show.
  5. S3: Over You - Cassadee S4: Sad - Amber S5: Bridge Over Troubled Water - Tessanne S6: Can't Help Falling in Love - Christina S7: I Walk The Line - Craig (But really Masterpiece by Chris and Jessie) S8: Make it Rain - Koryn S9: Somebody to Love - Jordan S10: I'm Sorry - Adam S11: Nothing (I guess "Me & Jesus" for pure entertainment value) S12: Nothing S13: Tennessee Rain - Addison Haven't really watched any full seasons after that.
  6. Well, I guess I'm back to the Voice because of Ariana. Anything interesting happen since Chevel won? That was the last episode I saw.
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