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  1. It proves that the song could've be a really hit if the label wanted. But really happy for Danny I love the vibe that Sway gives me.
  2. It's sad how the label seems like they don't care about Danielle cross to mainstream side of country music. She was nominated 2x for ACM and 3x por CMT, and they're keeping promoting her poorly. It make me sad. At least, she's still growing up as artist and delivering great music. I'm very proud, even knowing she could be bigger than she is if the label was in her side.
  3. Never Have I Ever climbed one position on Billboard Country Airplay and has now new peak (#58). https://bulletins.billboard.com/country/country_update_0928.pdf
  4. Well, I like Never Have I Ever, but I don't see the song going anywhere on streams. It's currently streaming poorly, and they don't seem like they want to do something about it. I was looking the general country playlists on Spotify, and NHIE wasn't in any of them. She is not a major artist, so her team has to expose her to the people. Forgive my english, but it's not my maternal language. Btw, earlier today, NHIE was charting on Apple Music US: Never Have I Ever Apple Music: #1372 United States
  5. I really liked to know how the song was written. Btw, Never Have I Ever is currently playing at least in 21 stations (-1), leaders and starters only, with the audience 0,525 (+ 0,017) and 201 spins (-11).
  6. I think we have at least others 6/8 stations playing the song - but they aren't leaders or staters right now.
  7. It's something that I don't understand. What is the Activator Chart?
  8. Ah, thanks. My heart literally stopped when I saw it hahahaha I missed checking Dani on radio charts. It is something that I really like rs
  9. Guys, good and bad news for today. NHIE is now in 24 starters stations, but is not in any leaders list.
  10. I didn't see anyone saying, but NHIE has now more than 1 million plays on Spotify.
  11. Yeah, I am very hopefull about this single, but not naive, of course. I will, probably, att this number everyday for the next few days. 18/07: at least 19 stations (+4) are playing NHIE this week (leaders and starters), with 110 (+17) spins and an audience in 0,281M (+0,043).
  12. Now, at least 15 stations are playing NHIE this week (leaders and starters), with 93 spins and an audience in 0,238M. I think it is a good thing at this point.
  13. Yeah, NHIE streaming party would be a great thing to help Dani on streams services.
  14. People, Never Have I Ever was the most added song this week. It was 29 first week station. How can I embed a Instagram post here?
  15. Thanks!! yeah, the release date is coming and I like to keep my eyes on what they're saying about her. What is the largest add from her past singles?
  16. Hi, guys. It's been a while... Anyone has the billboard pdf from this week edition?
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