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  1. Neither one is getting eliminated though. It's the last knockout.
  2. So is the winner of the 4 way not going to be announced until the lives?
  3. They have to do Tuesdays again for the lives if they do them.
  4. Oh okay. So who picks the winner of the knockout if they are all on different teams? Will we vote?
  5. So does that mean the stolen artists? Or are they gonna save 4 extra?
  6. 4 artists going against each other in the knockouts??? They really want to rush this season.
  7. Nick made a lot of effort to get his advisors, huh?
  8. Is Allison the last one? Because if not, she's not getting picked unfortunately.
  9. Yeah, it looks like the LA area is hit pretty hard so I was just wondering.
  10. Anyone think the live shows will be postponed or cancelled?
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