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  1. It gets stranger....mediabase evening update added Parmalee back on the chart so Scotty finishes the week at #30
  2. Post Today Show itunes bump You Time #138 country This Is It #93 country
  3. We need some votes here on KRTY music meeting for You Time https://www.krty.com/
  4. Triple Tigers Names Norbert Nix President... https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/9456575/triple-tigers-norbert-nix-president-nashville-label
  5. New peak Itunes ...You Time #26 all genre....#11 country
  6. https://tasteofcountry.com/scotty-mccreery-interview-wife-gabi-you-time/ Interview with Billy Dukes
  7. You Time enters top 200 country on itunes at #193......43 minutes after release
  8. It was a peaceful protest.....no worries
  9. The videos "IN Between" and "This Is It" are showing as unavailable on youtube.....what's up with that?
  10. Colbie Caillat posted on instagram that Gone West has disbanded......
  11. Absolutely NOT....Scotty doesn't need Lauren for his career. He is already having #1 singles and #1 albums, gold and platinum. He has been headlining his own tour for years and selling out venues even larger than you mention. Enough with idol nostalgia …. time to move on from that. There is no upside to this idea for Scotty at all....Not to mention, she has had more duets or featured artists songs than I can count, if those haven't helped her I don't think another will....she needs to find her own path to success without leaning on another artists to give her a boost....
  12. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but a really great piece on In Between http://www.countryschatter.com/2020/06/scotty-mccreery-earns-third-consecutive-no-1-single-with-in-between/
  13. For the record In Between peaked at #53 on Billboard Hot 100 all genre chart, #12 Hot Country and #12 Canadian Billboard
  14. In Between should be #1 tonight on Billboard Airplay according to this article, of course, nothing is official until the chart is published https://www.wbwn.com/2020/06/22/scotty-mccreey-in-between-reaches-number-one/
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