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  1. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/country/8550777/tim-mcgraw-departs-sony-music-nashville Tim McGraw departs Sony Music Nashville
  2. The full EP "The Sound Check Sessions" is available on iTunes …. 4 songs In Between This Is It Five More Minutes Still everyone can purchase and download now.....let's do it!!
  3. I have tried clearing cache and cookies on 4 different browsers … I still can't get the site on google chrome or my ipad or iPhone. I keep getting a message "too many redirects" and if I leave the site on the one browser I finally got in on I have to delete all cookies and cache and restart my computer everytime I try to get on the site. I also deleted cookie and cache on my ipad and iPhone and when I tried to get on I got nowhere. I would get a "cannot access server" message. I could only get to the old site when I did a general search after clearing the device.
  4. I counted 300 tickets still for sale on ticketmaster….it is not near sold out...
  5. That is strange, I’m seeing lots of tickets available
  6. Spins and AI change everyday. Mediabase is a 7 day rolling chart. Scotty's rank (currently #24) will be dependent on how many recurrents there are tomorrow evening and his spin, AI and "points" on Sunday evening. The large bullets for all the artist are due to the days that all Christmas music was played falling off the 7 day rolling chart and replaced by regular airplay. Probably by midweek all the year end specials that were played will also fall off so the chart will be back to normal. We have 5 songs that could go recurrent, Blake Shelton & Kenny Chesney (both have already fallen below Scotty) and Old Dominion, Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett. Thomas Rhett was #1 on the last published chart and Luke Combs returned to #1 during the Christmas holiday so mediabase may or may not send them recurrent. I expect Old Dominion, Shelton and Chesney will go recurrent and hoping the others as well. We will find out Sunday night if Rhett and Combs hang on for another week.
  7. Deb, I will be at the Ryman show....
  8. This Is It Acoustic is up on iTunes....be sure to download a copy....
  9. https://www.iheart.com/content/2019-11-21-s...-of-in-between/ Scotty McCreery Releases Acoustic Performance of 'In Between' Just in time to kick off the holidays, Scotty McCreery offers his fans a surprise gift today with the release of “In Between (Acoustic).” The music video for the acoustic track, directed by Jeff Ray, is premiering exclusively today with iHeartCountry radio stations. The song and video are the first of three acoustic tracks coming from the country crooner as a new digital EP entitled The Soundcheck Sessions. McCreery will also release an acoustic track in December and January to complete the EP, with iHeartCountry continuing to debut the accompanying music videos. “In Between (Acoustic),” as well as the two forthcoming acoustic tracks, were filmed and recorded on the stage of the Cascade Theatre in Redding, California on Sept. 26, during the afternoon before the singer and his band performed a concert there that night. McCreery is accompanied by his guitarists/harmony vocalists Jeffrey Harper and Dylan Rosson on the acoustic tracks.
  10. It is in the store, you can search Scotty McCreery In Between (Acoustic) https://music.apple.com/us/album/in-between...ngle/1487574111
  11. In Between (Acoustic) is now up on iTunes....everyone please go buy it...let's get it charting This is now available on iTunes....please everyone go buy it....In Between (acoustic)
  12. Since we don't have an off topic thread I am posting this article here...Sam Hunt arrested on DUI https://theboot.com/sam-hunt-arrested-charg...9lHN5el_0eQmbjg
  13. Since this hasn't been posted... https://bulletins.billboard.com/country/cou...update_1111.pdf Airplay #32 (+1) Hot Country #50 (-2) Indicator #37 (+2)
  14. I get a message that the page can't be reached...too many redirects...this is the only thread I could open
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