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  1. Just found this video that I don’t think has been posted. Danielle walks by in the background at approx 45 seconds give or take a little. Can’t mistake that striking red dress. Later in the vid she talks:-) :wub: Happy Thanksgiving to all.


    Hmm. Its been awhile since I posted a yt video & I forgot what to put in the 2nd part when embedding it here, so will be grateful if someone else embeds it for me. Thank you:-)


  2. I love Danielle’s new song on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. It sounds like she’s happy with all the new ears hearing her music. I was surprised & disappointed to find that her song on the soundtrack is not used in the movie as I was expecting that when people saw the movie they’d all get to hear her & it would generate a lot of excitement. I didn’t realize that a movie soundtrack had music on it not used in the movie. At least that’s my understanding from the above interview. However, her foot is in the door now so who knows what future projects may come her way as she always comes through in spectacular fashion:-) I love her voice on this song & am so happy that she was given this chance. She is getting more & more exposure whether in pop circles or overseas concerts, writing new music etc. I believe when the 4 went on the Nashville tour that she was the headliner. :wub:

  3. Whew am I glad to find this. For a few days have been trying to access our book of Danielle & it always failed. I’ve suggested to Drew that we create a master list of emails of everyone who wants to be on it but done through messaging so it doesn’t appear here, in case the entire site should fail at some point. I know I wouldn’t have any way to find the rest of you if this ever goes down totally. Am thinking it might be good to have at least 2 people have this master list of our emails stored somewhere other than on here so that if this site should ever be lost we’d have a way to communicate or at least have an email sent to us explaining what happened & where else we could go to meet so to speak. Otherwise as a group we’re toast with no way to connect except on here. It’s only after messaging did I find this which is still under the IDF umbrella which lost our entire thread of 6 + years so it could happen again then what would we do? As we’re only a group on here. Thank you for all that’s been saved:-) I’m proud of our Book Of Danielle & grateful to be a part of it all:-) :wub:

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