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  1. Welcome back and hope you're doing better Sorry for cutting Hayes in the DWTS rankdown but I at least wanted to keep Cody safe here since I know you like him!
  2. Oh whoops I totally forgot that I’ll message Vee now
  3. Nominations: Vivacious Milk (s6) Miz Cracker Coco Montrese (s5)
  4. I do love Kelly but...I forgot how unjustified that 30 was for her Freestyle.
  5. Hayes Grier Honestly, I didn’t actually mind Hayes on the show. However, I didn’t think he should have been there in the first place. DWTS has made some mistakes in its casting, almost every season let’s be honest, but the moment they chose a Vine ‘star’ was a low point. Hayes was not a bad dancer and I actually enjoyed a few of his dances! His Contemporary was strong, his Jive, Cha-Cha and Jazz were all fun... and he had a fun partnership with Emma. But Season 21 had a bunch of ok dancers, and he happened to fall under the radar. Hayes is fine I guess, idk what he’s been up to since DWTS, but I’m still over his casting and I’m happy to let him go here. saving Toni Braxton
  6. Thanks for filling me in! It was a tough cut not having seen his comments but only reading about them. It definitely made it easier to cut them but also didn't really know much about them or the context of the season, so this is good to know.
  7. Kelly & Jon I wasn't too sure where to go with this cut. I saved Cody since, while he wasn't one of my faves, I liked him well enough and he's a nice guy compared to his dumpster fire of a brother. I wanted to get this cut in soon too, and thought it was a safer decision for now to save the BB contestant over TAR teams I don't know as well. Then looking at the teams left, I noticed the two other teams left up for noms were winners, in comparison to Kelly & Jon who just missed out. Therefore I decided to play it kinda fair based on their performance and cut the 'weaker' team based on placement. Ooh I'm reading now that Jon made a comment near the end about being upset to be losing to 'a couple of gay men', and was pretty homophobic. Understandably this was shot 16 years ago and attitudes were generally far poorer than they are now, but even so, that doesn't excuse it whatsoever IMO so I feel happy to make this cut here. (As someone who didn't see this season/have followed this team I'd be interested to hear about the extent of this in the season and if we ever heard much from Jon post-TAR about his comments? Or if he's disappeared since). But yeah... bye! Saving Cody Calafiore
  8. Whether it’s her or not, I would love her to do this show at some point regardless! Especially because she (IMO) has had some unfair treatment online because she’s not been as successful as people may have expected. So I think this’d be a great show for her to showcase her voice/talent kinda like Adrienne did last season Whoever the Kitty is though, whether it’s her or not, sounded great!
  9. Yes! Although she got robbed like some of the soul singers on the US series...as I think she should have made it further but her voice was super distinctive from the first performance. I did also think the Kitty sounded like Tinashe at some parts in her performance. I’m not too sure yet if/how the clues line up from what I’ve seen...but yeah I did think her voice sounded kinda similar there. I totally agree about Mouse/Dionne though. Dionne’s voice is super distinctive so that one stuck out immediately for me
  10. I think so too! It really sounds like him.
  11. First season of Masked Singer UK had a great cast and I was really glad to see Queen Bee/Nicola win! I enjoyed a lot of the contestants, though - Katherine Jenkins, Kelis and Skin were all great picks too. I'm definitely leaning more and more towards Jordyn for the Kangaroo - one of the giveaways I thought was in the package a couple weeks ago, it was set on a basketball court and labelled 'Kangaroo Kourt' - kinda linking to the Kardashians and their use of K, as well as Kourt = Kourtney. Think there was a reference to the number 23 in there too which I think she has a tattoo of. Excited to see Group B in action!
  12. Cameron Mathison I was torn between saving Patti or Willa, and while Willa was a better dancer, I would have been primarily saving her for "I Wanna Be Bad" - while this is a bop, it can't compete against Patti and her 50+ million record sales. Artem also took a few hits not so long ago and so I can't let it happen right now. I know people might think now is time to cut Patti being one of the weaker dancers, but the truth is, this show would have been cancelled had it not been for her iconic "In Da Club" Salsa. If there was a Mount Rushmore of DWTS contestants, it would feature four sculptured faces of Patti LaBelle. Anyway this only has to be 100 words and I've just spent 118 writing about Patti. So I better make up for that and talk about Cameron I guess? Cameron is someone who I just don't really recall being so memorable. Despite this, DWTS was pretty good for his career and he was able to take some reporting jobs, some based around DWTS, from his time on the show. He was a nice guy, but the stars of Season 5 were arguably Mel, Sabrina and Helio, and on top of that, I really liked Jennie and Jane too, which left Cameron a little in the background for me. Looking back at his scores I kinda forgotten how well he had done. He got a lot of 8's and 9's, receiving three 27s, for his Jive, Paso Doble, and Viennese Waltz. He and Edyta were also a good-looking couple and that of course helped. Just recently, Cameron underwent treatment for kidney cancer. Thankfully, following surgery he revealed he was cancer-free! While Cameron isn't someone who I remember a whole lot, I always liked his enthusiasm for the show and the engagement he kept with his presenting work afterwards. I think he was rumored for All-Stars at one point which would have been random lol, but hopefully we'll see him back in the ballroom in another capacity at some point. Saving Patti LaBelle
  13. Yeah I agree. Aja, Dela and Shangela were my top 3... and then in general I was more impressed by Trixie, than I was by Kennedy and Bebe (I'm glad Kennedy made it to top 2 as I love her but yikes at that track record)
  14. (sorry Alex for having to move 120 spots) but welcome back Da'Vonne!
  15. 1. Parvati (=) 2. Michele (+1) 3. Yul (+6) 4. Danni (+9) 5. Ethan (+1) 6. Sandra (-4) 7. Natalie (-3) 8. Sophie (+7) 9. Jeremy (-2) 10. Kim (+4) 11. Amber (-6) 12. Wendell (-2) 13. Denise (-5) 14. Tyson (-3) 15. Rob (+3) 16. Tony (-4) 17. Sarah (+2) 18. Nick (-1) 19. Adam (-3) 20. Ben (=)
  16. I'm in the middle really. I'm British, I didn't like Baga and hated her runways, but at the same time I can totally see the appeal. She is kinda what embodies old-school British drag - very camp, very particular sense of humor.
  17. Nominations Alexis Michelle (S9) Baga Chipz (UK1) Darienne Lake (S6) Phi Phi O'Hara (S4) Phi Phi O'Hara (AS2) Thorgy Thor (AS3) Trixie Mattel (S7) Trixie Mattel (AS3)
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