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  1. 41 minutes ago, m1key said:

    I think this season has had one of the best Live Show Casts since Season 11. That being said, the season itself doesnt come close to Season 11 at all because of the Comeback Twist, Caleb/Benson/Wyatt/Hannah drama, and the meh format. Ive even noticed a parallel between this seasons Top 4 and S11's Top 4 (Chayce - Phillip Phillips, Grace - Jessica Sanchez, Willie - Joshua Ledet, Casey - Hollie Cavanagh). 

    I mean i care more about the contestants than the format. i wish the format was better, but i still think its a good season. also, unlike season 11, i think most of the top 10 are strong.  For the drama, caleb got sent home, and i think it was the right decision, so i dont think thats a bad thing. no clue who bensen is. wyatt just dropped out for personal reasons. not exactly "drama." and need to know more about hannah drama.  



    I don't think those comparisons are the best. The Phillip-chayce comparison is valid. IMO, Grace is much more fun and entertaining to listen to and watch then Jessica and their genres are different. I like Willie more than Joshua. Also, I like Hollie more than Casey and their genres are different.

  2. 37 minutes ago, kamil24 said:

    No it hasn't. Maddie's season wasn't that strong anyways. I'd say it's the strongest final 4 since Candice's season.

    i mean if its the strongest final 4 since candace's season, then wouldnt it defintely also been the strongest final 4 sinceit was o. abc?

    also the maddie thing was if people thought maddie's season was strong. if you do 't think maddies season was strong you could think that the cvurrent season was the strongest still since abc.  i think the reason i remember maddie's season to be strong is likely cause of maddie lol. 

    also i wasnt exactly saying top 4 in particular but the season in general (which chan include the top 4)

  3. I mean, since Maddie Pope's win I have been more focused on The Voice instead of Idol on the seasons of the voice that idol had on at the same time. I mean I've seen some performances and remember watching Laine's season and he was a good winner and while I think I remember Just Sam being good and the talent bering good last season of Idol, I think this is the first season (at least since maddie's) on abc idol that i've focused more on idol than the voice. I mean the top 4 is very talented. I think Grace is in a league of her own (at least out of the top 4)  as she has her voice, stage presence, and confidence all in 1 package, but the other 3 are pretty great too. Grace is great, but since it is a talented season, and I haven't really had a favorite winner besides Maddie (and possibly Laine if I don't remember who else was in that season and possibly Just Sam,who may haven't been my top top fav,  but was very good iirc, though I dont remember much from season 18), so I am not sure if she will win, if only because of my luck. She, like everyone else in this top 4, needs to remember song choice and practice is key.  Willie's voice is out of this world, but I need either another "Stand Up" moment or him to do  a more upbeat song so we can see if his stage presence that he has on slow and mid-tempo/whatever you call "Stand Up" songs can translate into uptempo songs. Casey's voice is great, but I am not as sold on her as IDF is. I can detect some hints of youngness in her  voice, but maybe it's just because I am not the biggest fan of young singers, and her style of singing isn't my cup of tea. Anyways, she REALLY needs to pick song choices that shows her voice maturely (or at least the kind of songs that the idol demographic eats up and maybe hasnt been done often) 

    Chayce Beckham has a cool voice. Now that Caleb is gone, my money is on him to win, as we've seen several past winners similar to his style. I like him well enough, but I do want to see him change it up somewhat. Like Willie, maybe try a big uptempo song or something. I think he will do great on a blues song.  Also, besides the top 4, the whole top 10+ and even much of the top 16/24/showstoppers(which i watched on youtube) seem great. I liked Deshawn's style, but he did do bad on his top 10 song, so that explains his leave. Alyssa and Cassandra were great, but I guess the audience got bored with their ballads. I liked Alana well enough, but compared to other pop artists like Grace, I get why she got eliminated. Anilee was awesome too. I wish Mary Jo Young lasted longer. And when it came to the round before the top 24, they may have not been my favorite, but imo, Murphy definitely deserved top 24 at least. I also was interested in hearing more from Funke. Alex Miller sounded good too. 

  4. Grace is my favorite of the five. The other four all have their positives and negatives. I like Caleb’s tone, but he can be karaoke at times. Chayce has a excellent  voice but I feel like we’ve seen the same thing before. Casey has a great voice for her age , but I feel like her lack of experience is starting to show. Willie can slay any song, but he needs to change it up soon.  

  5. Just now, sublymonal said:

    My secret conspiracy theory is the person that they give the pimp spot to can afford to get 5% less votes or so and still survive, so I think Hunter will be fine. 


    My guess is Casey/Grace which. Is not at all what I want to happen but. It’s America. 

    I hope you’re wrong about grace. Casey is a good singer , just not my cup of tea, so I won’t be that upset if she leaves. 

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