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  1. I am going to be catching up on my S17  Voice Redo as well as starting my new S18 redo soon.  I will also make a new Voice Redo thread where I redo all seasons before 17 that i can find enough info about and watch most/all of the videos.  (and maybe will re-redo that one  and future ones as well),  even if I did them already. If you didn’t enjoy my redoes due to my lack of scheduling and spelling/ grammar, don't worry. I found effective solutions that work for both of the above. 


    Scheduling: Do to my ADHD, I tend to get distracted easily. Even writing out schedules don't help too much However, I found out, because I'm on my phone so much, setting constant reminders that appear at a specific time, and can be repeated every hour/day/etc, when leaving arriving somewhere, or when texting someone, it's really hard to forget those. So besides writing a schedule on the topic, after every post I'll set a daily reminder to post the next thing by the due date or earlier. (Ex. If post Thursday May 7 at 12:00 PM , and decide the next post for that topic should be on Sunday May 10 at 3:00 PM right after I post on May 7, I'll put a phone reminder that will remind me every day starting May 7:00 at 2:00 PM, every time i enter my backyard , and every time i text my mom, so I'll be constantly reminded to write up and post it. I'll also write up 2 or more "episodes/shows"  at a time, so that way I can easily just post the next one when it is time.


    Grammar/Spelling: There are three really handy things(two of which I could have been and should have been using a long time ago, especially since I am not the most observant typer, nor am I the most knowledgeable about proper grammar.) that can help me with checking my spelling and grammar. I discovered the app Grammarly, and besides helping with college papers, it can help with my posts too. I'll also use Microsoft Word's spell check feature. Thirdly, this new idolforums set-up, while the aesthetic takes some time to get use to, has some amazing new features. One of these features is it underlines misspelled words. Or maybe it's just something on my computer  that helps. Either way, that's another thing I can use if I need to really make sure I spell things correctly. 



     Also later, I'm going to attempt to reboot my favorites game 1 finial time, but going to start a non-coaching version as the first re-rebooted season, and to be fair and kick off the 2nd or 3rd season(whichever one i decide to make the first coaching season), I'll invite the original 4 coaches that were in my first MFGDE to coach that if they're still interested/around by then. 



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