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  1. thank you for always capturing videos @bradberynews! I love Sway so I'm glad you have it.
  2. Here's an audio of her Stagecouch performance: I like both the new songs on this one, probably my favorite version of those songs yet.
  3. I'm not sure if it's already posted here but here's a live performance of Dallas by Parker just in case you want to listen to his solo version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBY5bA2GAL0
  4. I really love Danielle's look on that cover. Kaya is equally amazing and photogenic as well
  5. I love traditional country sound but I'm not that much of a fan of the new song, especially for a radio single. It can be an album track, if she really likes it. Break My Heart Again is miles better, in my opinion. But of course, these are only based on the acoustic performances and a lot still depend on the production. It's ok to put songs from outside writers but I hope she still includes a lot of songs at the least co-written by her. It is an important aspect in the Country genre, and for sure the radio and insiders will take notice.
  6. Her performances in that show are great, also partly because, they really made her comfortable and confident. I love the support and praises she got from the other artists.
  7. It's totally fine with me, as long as she really connects to it like this one. I really hope we will finally have some uptempo though for future shows. I think she will release this soon (like in any week now) just like GIMH then check for response before deciding if it's going to be sent to radio.
  8. She performed a new song "Break My Heart Again" in her performance today. BriDiesel8 (idk if he's here) from twitter recorded it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar26JgwSP44
  9. DB's parts in the song are amazing as expected, but I'm in love with KURT's verse as well. His voice is so good also. I'm excited for you guys to hear it
  10. I've already listened to the collaboration and I like it DB also posted a stairwell session cover of Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo, the most streamed song globally this week. I'm so happy for these treats from DB
  11. I'm happy that we are getting new music at this early in the year. I hope 2021 is a bigger year for DB.
  12. I love GIMH more now and I hope we will get a music video for this Also, her cover of Slow Burn was added to Acoustic Covers playlist (3.6M followers) on Spotify and now having around 12k+ daily streams from about 1k daily before this. This song might just appear on her Top Song list on her spotify profile soon enough as it is streaming better than MYM and NHIE currently.
  13. To top it all, Big Machine sent her version of F-150 to radio when it was released (GIMH was not). Some radio stations had it on their match up contests or testing spins. I hope they did not pull out NHIE for F-150, since it was cancelled eventually also. I'm not sure how it happened but not surprised that it will be claimed considering Robyn was just recently signed with a major label (Warner) through this viral hit, and would make sense that they would have this as her launching single. Releasing a cover by Danielle on youtube is ok but her releasing a recorded version and sent to radio, with the original artist also promoting it on radio and has good playlisting on Spotify, is not a good look for DB's team.
  14. DB and her team already deleted all their posts regarding F-150, and the song isn't available now except for some streaming sites.
  15. If the original singer wasn't recently signed on a major label, I would agree that it's because DB is a higher profile artist, but at this point not that much. This original song is also included in Robyn's latest album and is playlisted on some good playlists on Spotify - even better than NHIE's playlisting. But it's a win for Danielle and us fans though since more music, and she needs more songs like this on her repertoire. Not really uptempo but atleast with a beat. And I agree it is something she could've written, probably why they got it.
  16. She released her version of F150. The song was by a female country artist who is kinda going viral on Tiktok and was recently signed by Warner Nashville. I don't know why she recorded that and Robyn/Warner allowed it considering she signed with them recently, but I like the song and it has more tempo than most of Danielle's songs.
  17. Yes, her song is at least performing better on Apple Music. NHIE is also in a few major Apple Music country playlists there, so that is driving the streams. She just posted now that the song has 14.5 million streams now and probably around 12 million there is from Apple Music. Youtube numbers need to improve though for more visibility, and she needs to have better streams on Spotify so the song can be included in the major playlists. I still believe NHIE has potential to at least chart in the Top 40 on Billboard Country Airplay, though it will still be after a few months. It's at #58 this week.
  18. From the debut album, Talk About Love is the song that I think should have been a radio single, and a better follow up to THOD than YIA. That song sounds great when I play with singles from other artists. Young In America can go 3rd. For the second album, I agree with Potential. That song is the best song in the album for me (followed by Worth It), and her best chance yet for a ballad radio single. Worth It is also a good song, so I don't agree that they've pitted WI and Room For Two to each other, to get one slot in the album, while they can remove another song like Messy. Room For Two should've been released, and definitely a radio single. Sway is not a strong song, but it sounds great on the radio so I kind of understood why they chose that. My only problem in there is that was a lead single to promote the album, but it sounds way different than the album. Danielle needs an uptempo song for her concerts. I hope they get to have one soon so they'll have more energy in her performances. For a single, midtempo is still the best bet, but they need a song with a stronger melody. Never Have I Ever has good verses but it has a weak chorus. NHIE is a grower though, so I still think it can perform in the charts better in the next few months.
  19. It all boils down from everything being a business. You put your resources on the ones you think will give you the most revenue, and unfortunately that's not what Danielle's position in BMLG currently. That doesn't mean they don't try. The bigger artists on BMLG actually covers the losses from the resources invested on their smaller artists. That's just how it works so it will actually be better for the label as a whole to have everyone succeed somehow. Everyone I know who follows the genre and BMLG closely are actually amazed that they still have Danielle on her label. BMLG drops their female artists a lot. A number of them do not even get to release an album. They are somehow trying, and atleast see something on her still. A smaller record label can of course, focus much more because there will be only a few artists, and there is a larger chance that they will see you as the one who will bring in the revenue, so they will invest more resources to you. But, even a smaller label or indie route cannot guarantee a hit. For every Kelsea Ballerini who became a hit star on a smaller label, there are a lot of artists that these labels were not able to break through, also. Best route the way I see it, is to build your following regardless of the label, before considering transferring to a smaller one. Scotty can easily transfer from a big label who did not care for him that much, to an indie label where he is their prized artist, because his touring numbers are crazy high for someone who doesn't have that much success on radio. Some other artists are getting TV promotions, brand partnerships, touring slots, and great Spotify playlisting which helps a lot - which is not controlled by the record label most of the time, but the artist management. This is why I am actually happy that Danielle transferred to another artist management now, for a change. I hope when the pandemic ends, they will be able to set her up to better tours as she is lagging on that aspect compared to even less popular females.
  20. You all know that I'm a big fan of Danielle too, but to be honest, there's still no song from her that when I first heard, I know that it should be a radio hit. Don't get me wrong, her songs are beautiful but nothing screams radio hit for me yet at first listen. Most of the songs are grower, not instant. Other than The Heart of Dixie, her biggest bet is still Never Have I Ever so I hope they will stick into that. Also, there are a lot of factors in getting a hit, other than having a good radio team (i'm not saying her team is good either), which is very subjective. A major one is sales and streaming. Her songs unfortunately do not sell and stream well. Goodbye Summer stalled on radio because it's streaming and selling poorly compared to its radio chart position. NHIE's streaming numbers are actually bad. This is why they've been posting a lot of videos on her youtube like the fashion ones with NHIE as background music - because it will count on her NHIE streams. Also the reason why they have a couple of versions there already from studio acoustic, acoustic performance, stairwell session etc. High sales and streams aren't a guarantee of a hit, but you'll have a better leverage in promoting your song to radio. Gabby had a hit with I Hope because that song is a huge streaming hit. Scotty, even though radio took a while before giving him radio hits, has always been selling really well and having huge tours compared to his radio position. It's really tough for a female to breakthrough on country radio, so females need to work way harder than males, unfortunately. DB and her team needs stronger songs and more opportunities for her to perform so her songs will have more audience. That's why it's important that we buy and stream, and we share her music because as fans, that is only what we can control. And I agree when someone said she needs more upbeat songs. It's very obvious when I watch her live shows (full band not acoustic) back to back with other singers like in festivals. IDBWM are all mid-slow, even Sway is not uptempo. With that said, let's stream the current single NHIE. Vote only on important polls - those will give her guaranteed radio spins, music video plays, and more exposure.
  21. I've probably listened to Girls In My Hometown for more than 30 times now. It's been out for a couple of hours already in my side of the world.
  22. I'm so happy that finally it debuted! @season1 do you know which radio station added it last August 24? I missed putting it on my notes.
  23. So the reason they are playing her song frequently, though mostly overnight spins, is because they'll have her on a show. I hope they don't drop this after that show because WIL-FM is really helping her with the audience increase.
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