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  1. 19 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I wouldn’t say so lol. At best they were equal.

    I've seen them both live and Danielle can sing rings around Cass....and for the record I love Cass.  Cass is a better performer though.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

    Last I checked, this show is called "The Voice" so I will definitely be fixated on artists' vocal ability, even if America isn't. Also, Jordan did win his season so it's not like people didn't vote for him. 😌

    Only in theory it's "The Voice".  In all practical terms it the contestant America likes at the moment....but tomorrow is another day. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

    Last I checked, this show is called "The Voice" so I will definitely be fixated on artists' vocal ability, even if America isn't. Also, Jordan did win his season so it's not like people didn't vote for him. 😌


    Just now, TeamAudra said:

    Plus a 10% country bump. LOL



  4. 2 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

    You seem to be fixated on vocal ability. That’s not the only thing people vote on. For example, Carter was not the best vocalist of the season. Todd Tilghman was not the best vocalist of his season. Should I go on?

    So in short they are not considering the minivan factor?  Where contestants under 18 get a 10% or so plus up.

  5. 1 hour ago, TeamAudra said:

    Yeah, his voice was shot for sure. However, he was better on the show than Morgan Wallen was. I’m just trying to separate the real world from a reality show. 

    I haven't been interested enough to listen to any of his off show work...but from what I heard....I suspect he is close friends with auto-tune. 


    That said it has been reported Tim McGraw has a line in his contracts that he does not have to perform if the auto-tune is not working.  So it happens more than some want to believe.

  6. 5 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

    I thought you hate Gyth more than Barrett. 

    First of all....hate is not a word I'd use to describe someone just because they are chasing the wrong dream.   Secondly....it's splitting hairs to differentiate between Gyth and Barrett....and Red for that matter.  They are all on the "I've heard way more than I want to" list.  Also, FTR: There are many others on that list.....but Jake is not. He has carved out a little niche in the classic country music world as a writer and performer.



  7. In an epic prognostication I predict the answer to the first riddle is Julia Cooper.  🙃


    NGL: At first thought I thought VV was gonna rate peeps (see what a few too many martinis does to your thought process?) .....like IDF peeps....So my thought was ..."Oh this is gonna be fun."  


    For the purpose of said;  I was ready to embrace my ranking as the seething underbelly of IDF.   

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  8. 3 hours ago, seak05 said:

    The lack of reading comprehension from some people on this thread, and embrace of conspiracy theories.......honestly. 🙄


    You want to post spoilers go for it. No one is gatekeeping, no admin will toss you off the forumn. People have been *asked* not to post spoilers, because we don't want contestants to get swarmed, and because we know nbc execs read the thread. It could also potentially compromise your ability to get tickets in the future, but hey that's your decision. 


    @Someone648curates the "official" list, and that includes verifying information, and linking contestant's social media's. It takes time, and they have an actual real full time job. We all aren't paying for the service. It will go at the front of this thread when it's ready. 


    And all of y'all have had this explained to you multiple times, but you still continue to rant with your tinfoil hats on


    So...what flavor is that kool-ade you're drinking?   Those same arguments could have been made for past seasons but they weren't and nothing bad happened...but I have on the tinfoil hat?  More irony from the crowd. 🙃

  9. 3 minutes ago, Mehhew said:

    Can someone just start a new forum where we can be free to discuss whatever we want to?? Over being forced by some self-proclaimed admin to not talk about spoilers on a SPOILER THREAD...

    No admin has forced this upon them....it's self inflicted.  FTR: No one will be banned for posting a spoiler....only shamed by the gatekeepers ostensibly because the unwashed masses can not be trusted with the information. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, echoap said:



    Sadly, and for no logical reason, IDF has a no spoilers cult in this spoilers thread. People with spoilers info have been told to wait until winter solstice for an "official" spoilers release, so we can celebrate the  "official" release along with the Sol Invictus, Christmas and other festivities. :rolleyes: :haha:


    Yeah...that this level of irony is embraced by the gatekeepers and minions suggests cultish behavior.   I popped in this thread for the first time in months only to find devotion to the idea of a no spoiler spoiler thread is still a thing.  Reality really is stranger than fiction. smh  :rolleyes:

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  11. Loved ❤️

    Juliet Simms

    Addison Agen

    Jacquie Lee

    Adam Wakefield

    Michelle Chamuel

    Matt McAndrew


    Liked 🙂

    Dia Frampton

    Meghan Lindsay

    Ricky Duran

    Toneisha Harris

    Terry McDermott

    Emily Ann Roberts

    Jim Ranger


    Meh 😐

    Billy Gilman

    Britton Buchanan

    Chris Blue (fight me!)


    Why? 🤢

    Chris Kroeze

    Jake Worthington

    Gyth Rigdon




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