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  1. Yep a little Broadway ....a little acting....and she can sing a little too.
  2. No doubt she will be compared but....almost all of those who are in her zip code in regard to stylizing (Maelynizing) their vocals, give up lots of diction to do so. One of her most unique gifts is to Maelynize with out sacrificing the lyric. #Queen
  3. Sorta. She is her "own class" singer because NO ONE sounds like her. <3
  4. It's obvious she was a Princess in this pic...so it's only natural.
  5. HYAMLC is listed on Apple Music and on Amazon as "Maelyn" not as Maelyn Jarmon. I just call her Queen so there is no confusion.
  6. Found a few of the things I originally uploaded. I could never get enough of this one.
  7. She is ....and she spoke to me...kinda, sorta, if you squint just the right way. I signed out with a "Merry Christmas" post....and Queen sings back....Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. #IveBeenAffirmedByQueen
  8. So I have been in a Voice hating funk but one photo of Queen has cured me.
  9. This season is officially over for me. :x Merry Christmas ya'll.
  10. ♩ ♪ ♫ Lauren Duski Fan Thread ♫ ♪ ♩ Original Music The Broken Kind The Weather - Live From Ocean Way Studios Chasing Me - Live At Paste Studio "With a resume of experience dating back to a very young age, Lauren has developed into a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and performer. Originally from Gaylord, Michigan, she has been performing in front of audiences since the age of 9, where she took runner-up at the Colgate Country Showdown
  11. So you rehearse for weeks with your guitar and your first time on live TV the guitar breaks and you have to go on unrehearsed. She had to be freaked out.
  12. Twitter Instagram Facebook ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Fan List: Spurrious TeamAudra jamescasaki datinamanda Redenator Season1 thevoice47 ATX29 Dany MatthewPalermo Lovinthevoice tshe.ring thevoicefan45 x3 because of u thekingwhocared Stacey. CGlaserFan
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  14. Ah...how about just a shave and a decent haircut?
  15. Peter Pan maybe....and it's a break up song. It's pretty popish but...besides the song ...you'll want to watch this one. :whistling: Like CGlasserFan noted Homecoming Queen might work. Of course I still think she could slay this ... since no one even know who Michaela is it will sound like it's hers. :w00t: iGjjzDc7NTA
  16. I'm thinking Blake would have some splaining to do when he goes home if Gracee turns in a good performance and he didn't pick her.
  17. I know but... Hey there Mr Tin Man, You don't know how lucky you are, If you ever felt one breaking, You wouldn't want a heart. That almost makes me cry just typing it. Maybe Tay taught her a few of her earliest song while she was there. :)
  18. Thanks for being the thread fairy who drops the official pics in the fan threads. :flowers:
  19. ^ That song is so perfect for her. She needs to save it for a later round when she'll get enough time to work through the lyrics. Since her fav is Kelsea I can't see Elvis leaving the building until a Kels song goes down. I'll go ahead and shed some tears now that Mirandas catalog is not in play. More Like Her, The House That Built Me, Tin Man. :'(
  20. OK but you missed out on a golden opportunity to be one of the cool kids.
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