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  1. So many Stans so many overrated performances.... Most underrated....though
  2. WFT? tbh, humiliated pffft...If you think you are worthy....you are not. The closest you can get to worthy is to acknowledge you are not. No one is. Added anyway.
  3. Yeah....I knew it was about time for her RR contract to be up. With that behind her, a new chapter begins...or maybe an old chapter where she releases the EP she had before the Voice.
  4. Actually, I like Stay better but, in any case, Queen is 100% all the time. With all due respect, Amber is 100% most of the time. I'm sure whoever wins deserves the crown.
  5. Naw....Equalization involves the adjusting the volume of specific frequencies. In a very rudimentary way that's what tone controls (bass and treble) do....equalization though is much more complicated and specific. What you are describing is a sound mix issue where they had the band turned up too high or her mic too low. That is pretty common on the Voice....IDF even has a name for it...bandzilla. As in, Mari was bandzilled. I was 100% sure it was just another bus tool until...I think it was Alisan who got bandzilled once. Now I'm only sure it is a bus tool most of the time.
  6. <rant on> I'm sure it will be no surprise I think TPTB will do anything and everything to get their way. We know they won't blink at publicly making last minute rule changes to further their agenda. We know they give contestants songs that are way out of their wheelhouse. We know they will hide some contestants with only early time slots. Point is we KNOW they are manipulative AF in ways we clearly can see but some doubt they are manipulative in ways we can't see? Seriously? Ya'll need to get out more. So let me ask: What is the moral difference between ma
  7. No ma'am....you have to vote first and then we'll decide if you need killing or a metal for bravery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think merc has given us ever increasing levels of merciless torture. Why then, do I feel the need to thank her for all the misery? I'm so confused. Thanks....I guess.
  8. Just wanted to salute your genius sir.
  9. I understand but...you couldn't defend them if you tried....not that you are trying. The current country callouts shows Ashley McBride at #4 . Country radio killed it as soon as it hit the top 10 two weeks ago....it's down to #23 and heading to recurrent. A week before that Gabby Barnett's "I Hope" was #1 on the country callouts with a 101 score and they also killed it when it hit top 10. That just how they roll. Contrast and compare that to the Pop charts. Gabby's song is #12 on the Top 40 (pop) callouts but is #7 and climbing on the Top 40 charts. The Pop peep
  10. Yes ma'am....it would have been easier for me if it was "The Scientist" but it is what it is. That said...Queen is Queen and I would die fighting on that hill.
  11. You shouldn't be sorry. It's bad data used as an excuse by country radio to cover up their intentional evil deeds. I gave up on country radio long ago as well but, I try not to miss an opportunity to shine some light in those dark corners where the cockroaches live.
  12. This is the above chart sorted by impressions per spin. TW Artist Title TW Move Aud Imp/Spin 44 BRETT YOUNG Lady 897 39 5.693 6346.71 2 LEE BRICE One Of Them Girls 8234 865 50.645 6150.72 11 RUSSELL DICKERSON Love You Like I Used To 4468 731 27.39 6130.26
  13. Just for a point of clarity "call outs" are not in anyway to be considered random polls. It's "Stan" data from those actively seeking to share their opinion. It would be like if only IDF Snowflake Stans voted on Voice contestants. Call outs fail as a data source. -------------------------------------------------- Earlier I mentioned how radio actively seeks to limit the audience that hears females by playing them overnight when few are listening. Here is the data from the current radio top 50. I did remove most songs that have been dropping a lot of spins this wee
  14. I've read all this ....but here is a fact that flys in the face the radio apologists ....when fans actually vote the women are prominent, if not dominate.... this kinda screams it's the gatekeepers that are keeping women down. CMT is the well known only fan voted country music awards so let's have a look. Woops. #IntuitionalizedHate Year Video of the Year Male Video of the Year Female Video of the Year USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of The Year 2002 Kenny Chesney – "Young"
  15. Naw….that is still a radio fueled issue. Radio is the format that introduces the public to new artists and music. Spotify is a poor source for new music and/or artists unless you already know what you are looking for. How would you know what to look for if radio isn’t playing it. Sure, you could get lucky or catch a hint from social media if you follow someone plugged into new music. There is no real substitute for 1000’s of radio spins to gain awareness. Furthermore, if you dig into the airplay numbers you can see radio disfavors females not just in the number of females bu
  16. Spurrious

    4 KOs

    Sure....the art of songwriting and introductions to unknown artists is pretty awesome....but it's not like Songland is a hit machine. Unless they watch I doubt anyone cares about it. The winning songs are kinda like Voice winners...inconsequential to the rest of the music world.
  17. Spurrious

    4 KOs

    I think it's just used as as a synonym for a mediocre song no one knows and/or cares about.
  18. Spurrious

    4 KOs

    I'm looking for Julia to take on an Ellish song. Pretty sure Minivan will not approve but I think that would work for her artistically.
  19. Same incredulity when peeps killed off Juliet. Opposite reaction though...I had to cry. Hopefully, Amber won't suffer the same fate. No knocks on Jacquie though...she's pretty awesome too.
  20. ....but she IS in this round.
  21. OK...so who is your Queen these days?
  22. NGL...I'm mad about that.
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