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  1. OK. Since a certain someone can't bring him self to show me which beach pic he is talking about....I guess I'll have to post them one at a time till I get it right. There must be 10 of them or so.
  2. Instagram won't allow anything that might get you banned. She is daring you.
  3. I'm not sure which one you're talking about....Show me.
  4. If you think I won't drag down the neighborhood too much ...you could add me. Before you say no, I just want to point out that someone has to rep the lowest common denominator...so I got that working.
  5. LOL:! Sorry this is an appreciation thread...you have to post a picture to get added. Go ahead.... post "THAT" one.
  6. Samatha Howell Samantha can sing but that's not what this thread is about. This is not your sister's fan thread...well I guess it could be if she's...ah never mind...you know how this goes. Post a picture of Samantha if you want to be added. Her Insta is a treasure trove. https://www.instagram.com/samanthahowellmusic/ Appreciators: Spurrious TeamAudra QueenKalie ATX29 Starman1
  7. Errrm....Anyone capable of a worthy cover of a Ronstadt tune should get an automatic fast pass to the finales.
  8. True about the range thing but there are outliers like Martina where she could show range and power. Some of Martina's catalog is pretty popish and others could be made popish....that ticks the crossover appeal box. Some of Wynonna's and Reba's catalogs have songs to show off with too. Also, it's been 4 years now since Alisan killed Blue Bayou. That said ...I'll be surprised if Blake leads her on a hard right turn. I mean, sure a Blue Bayou kinda song could happen but I'm not feeling a hoe down coming. I think Alisan's championship run would be a good template for her.....assuming she want to go for a win and not a little career bump of recognition of who the real Joanna is.
  9. Don't you feel better that you got that off your chest? Addison and Chloe happened.....so Can't help it....I cause trouble wherever I go.
  10. Just in the live show threads I think.
  11. As it was explained to me....that is OP's call. Some try to keep them out but, in my opinion (not that it matters) merely having a fan thread this early IS a spoiler in itself. Even later on when songs are spoiled ....they will be noted here before it airs. So I guess I'm missing the point.
  12. I know someone doesn't want to say and I'm too lazy to troll the spoilers thread...but ya'll are saying without saying she's likely on Blake.s team . I'm good with that. He hasn't won in a while so it's time for TPTB to pay up. Reality check (not that most of us need it): It's about the coaches.
  13. This is exactly the artist I thought she would be. Shades of early Swift and Kelsea. She has all the pieces...including songwriting writing chops ...will radio notice? I can only hope. She has decided to attend college at Belmont University in Nashville. That's a pro move cause she can learn the business of music during the day and practice her art in the evening. Well done Gracee!
  14. I think anyone who has been around the block a time or two knew her music was going to take some time. It will be worth the wait!!! I still feel a little cheated because her EP she had ready pre-voice is not likely to grace humanity with much needed angelic tones.
  15. Good thing you jumped when you did. I had my eye on her. :whistling: Add please. :flowers:
  16. Shelby Raye lives literally across the lake from me. I've heard her play a few times and she can sing. Yep ..this lake...
  17. IKR? Everyone has biases but only yours is tragic. You are so not-woke. #OKMillennial
  18. Do you have any idea how many times I will be told about 29 straight wins at work on Monday? Ug! I may have to call in sick. :'( Needless to say LSU is my second favorite team at the moment. With no prior offenses...I could possibly commute the required hatred period to time served. :flowers:
  19. Do you have any idea how bad that hurts me? Let me count the ways. :'( 1. Denied music from Queen. 2. Graduated from U of South Carolina. 3. "They" are HATED rivals 4. I have to share a state with those inbreeds. 5. My very username is a take off from our previous coach Steve Spurrier. Everyone just assumes I misspelled spurious, (as in random outlier) which is sometime descriptive but no. 6. Orange ain't my color. I hope you understand I am obliged to hate you for some period of time for posting that vile image. :x
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