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  1. Lana coming for both the country and christian God votes. Nobody else has both. Love my strategic Country queen
  2. Wendy and Paris have the exact same genre and the songs sound the same. Vote splitting!
  3. Also we havenโ€™t even heard Lanaโ€™s version lol. She could have switched it up and made it really suit her. Every week she counted against but still snatches your wigs
  4. Doesnโ€™t matter about technically. Tone! How can you love princess Chevel but hate Queen Lana?
  5. Comparing her and Lana is laughable. And that was in the instant save. Instant saves can swing anyway with votes. Her being the only country artist and singing a song from one of the biggest stars helps.
  6. You hate Lana lol this is no surprise. This song will bode well for country fans and christian fans.
  7. Manifesting a classic country ballad from Lana to make the haters shook
  8. Wendy is controversial too now though. She gets a lot of comments on FB about her lack of stage presence and her being a professional singer. I see no reason why Lana cannot get PV over here.
  9. Yโ€™all are hating on Lana now but will be more when she snatches a PV over Wendy
  10. I am praying this happens. Anything to give Lana an extra boost I will take it
  11. Country artists always get hate on the show and sheโ€™s the only one so itโ€™s very obvious out there. Sheโ€™s making them all eat their words though.
  12. Anyone seen Lanaโ€™s latest Instagram story? It is a video from GNT. Maybe Iโ€™m reading too much into it but maybe itโ€™s a sign they are duet partners.
  13. By the way is it crazy to think Lana actually had more votes than Wendy and could get a PV over her? Wendy has been getting some hate recently for her lack of stage presence and her being a professional singer. And Lana has better FB stats. And no vote splitting with country.
  14. I am counting #TeamBlake votes in this one. Not just Lana fans. I am very confident in this. Like it has been mentioned artists like Joshua donโ€™t do well on this show. He has done well yes, but it would not be enough to knock off the only country artist left.
  15. I think you guys are looking way to into it in the aspect of them not wanting 3 Blake members in the finals. Blake is their guy. If they get the votes they get the votes. He has won 3 consecutive semi finals instant save . Also if PVs are Hailey, GNT, Paris, and Wendy only Joshua and Lana would be the new ones in the IS. Itโ€˜s hard to win back to back IS. I can see Lana beating Joshua easily with votes.
  16. Blake getting all 3 of his contestants to the finals like a boss.
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