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  1. Omg I just found out Allegra will be on Idol. I loved her on the Voice. She was my favorite that season. She better win. Please add me.
  2. gabe0101

    Grade S21

    A then F when Lana got eliminated. Lana and GNT carried the season.
  3. Alright haven’t been on here in awhile. Excited for tonight. What are Lana’s song choices for the finale? I hope they are good.
  4. For diversity. Why do you want 3 soul/R&B singers who we always have artists like every season? There hasn’t been a voice like Lana’s.
  5. I guess but only because it sent her home. Objectively I thought she still sounded great on it. But maybe she wouldn’t have made it anyway. It seems her tone is so divisive so she always had haters. Others that didn’t like her tone automatically thought she sucked when in reality they just didn’t like her tone. It is a classic twang though so not sure why it didn’t catch on with minivan.
  6. Lana has barely any covers so hard to judge. But Wendy would never make it in country music like Lana would. Wendy has no country sound to her voice. Successful country artists have that country sound that Lana has.
  7. If she really was she should be milking it. She would be a guaranteed Final 1 on Blake’s team. She lives in Nashville so of course she has performed there. And she’s a background singer. You don’t need to be a country singer to be background singer for a country artist
  8. Wendy is not country lmao. Nice try but country will not be represented. Don’t care if she’s done some in the past. No diversity this finale. GNT will carry it
  9. And they will get sent packing in 5th and 4th place like they always do. Same voices we hear every season.
  10. The worst finale. No country. Too many of the same R&B soul singers that we hear every season. GNT should get paid for carrying this finale.
  11. She was absolutely robbed. Why country fans did not come through for her at the end I will never understand . I can’t take this. I feel sick
  12. 1. Lana 2. Lana 3. Lana 4. Lana 5. Lana
  13. What’s the point when she keeps landing in the bottom? Lol. And voices like hers will always outshine voices like Lana’s in a “perform for your life” situation. So rigged. Thank god my second favorite is GNT. At least I know I won’t be disappointed next week.
  14. It is so disrespectful to save someone twice in a row. Lana or Joshua should have gotten save. There’s a reason she needed it twice in the lives. America doesn’t see it in her. Diva voices thrive in IS. Only reason why she is still in
  15. Omg of course she is bringing out the God songs. Smh. Get her the hell out. Cheater!
  16. Wendy fans don’t vote Jershika. You do not want vote splitting.
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