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  1. Sandy (Buttons), THANK YOU for all your hard work posting all the things you do on here....information, pictures, tweets, videos!! I appreciate you helping us keep up with our boy SO MUCH! And Angela, THANK YOU so much for all your wonderful videos.....so glad you got to go to the concert!
  2. Thank you, Deb, for all your hard work to keep us updated on all things Scotty!! Have a Merry Christmas!
  3. I enjoyed the concert and the Q & A session so much!!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
  5. Thanks, Sherry!! I bought a long HDMI cable today to connect them together!
  6. Y'all, I hate to sound stupid but..........if we cannot get the concert to go over to our TV, we can just watch it right there on our computer, right????? I got my cousin to buy a ticket, and I need to be able to tell her.
  7. He is 7th now!! I will try voting every hour or so.
  8. I've got tickets for Chris and myself.....can't wait for Sept. 4 to hear Scotty's new music!....and his old music, for that matter!!
  9. My goodness, Sherry! Hang in there! Stay safe......and Liz and Angela, too!
  10. ! YAY!!! Congratulations, Scotty!!!
  11. Fingers crossed for keeping this #1 through Sunday!!! #GOSCOTTYGO !!!
  12. YEEESSSSSS!! #GoScottyGo ❤
  13. Come on, Scotty!! #GoScottyGo
  14. Thanks for all you do to keep us posted every day, Deb!!
  15. Aaaaaaah! Looks like we need to get back to voting more regularly on this one. Heading over to vote a bunch right now!
  16. Good luck, Deb! Thanks for all you do for us!
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