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  1. ! YAY!!! Congratulations, Scotty!!!
  2. Fingers crossed for keeping this #1 through Sunday!!! #GOSCOTTYGO !!!
  3. YEEESSSSSS!! #GoScottyGo ❤
  4. Come on, Scotty!! #GoScottyGo
  5. Thanks for all you do to keep us posted every day, Deb!!
  6. Aaaaaaah! Looks like we need to get back to voting more regularly on this one. Heading over to vote a bunch right now!
  7. Thank you, Lizzie!
  8. Good luck, Deb! Thanks for all you do for us!
  9. Yay!!! Columbus, GA is on the list, too!!
  10. YAY!! GO SCOTTY GO!!
  11. #GoScottyGo Soooo glad Scotty was able to reschedule his UK/Ireland dates!
  12. Thank you, girls! Y'all have fun! How could you not?? It's our favorite guy!
  13. Here's wishing all of you who are in Nashville for the Ryman show an absolutely AWESOME time tonight!!! Wish I was there with y'all---broken hip still slowing me down!
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