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  1. AWESOME!!!! Congrats to Scotty and team!!
  2. Congrats to Scotty and his team....he really deserves this #1!!!! A Great Day for McCreerians!!!!
  3. So excited!!! Scotty and his team have worked so hard for this. Love It!!!!!
  4. Well Dang! Was really hoping IB would hit #9 this morning, but those increased spins are wonderful to see. Thanks again, Deb....you are Awesome!
  5. Oh my Goodness....Scotty sounded Awesome. His voice is just so very special!! He sang "5 More Minutes" and it was amazing.
  6. Our Panama City station WJHG has announced they will be airing this also....Awesome!!!!
  7. Loving the videos...thanks so much Angela. Just listening to "Twice A Child" again on YouTube. Already has over 1300 views....sure hope this is Scotty's next single. Can't stop listening to it!!! What an amazing song...maybe his best ever!!
  8. Hey y'all, so sorry I am so late commenting on this event. We had a family get-together yesterday and it has been hectic around the Daniels' house. Lol The concert was Awesome! As always. There was a huge crowd and they were very welcoming of Scotty and very vocal! I am never fully prepared for Scotty's voice at a live concert....he is so special. We did not have seats close to the stage, so I was not able to get any good pics so I am happy to see such great pics on this thread. I met a lady who sat in front of us....like me, she knew all the words to all of the songs. She said she has been a fan since American Idol and this was her first concert. She was so excited and I loved meeting her. I really hope it won't be another 3 years before I can attend another concert....that is just too long. Lol Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wish a Very Merry Christmas season to all our IDF family. Love Y'all!
  9. Excited to see Scotty Friday night with family and friends. <3 <3
  10. I Love This Acoustic version of "In Between"....absolutely awesome!!! Jeff and Dylan are so good and Scotty's voice shines on this video. <3 <3 <3
  11. Awesome show! My father-in-law fought in World War II and my brother served in the Navy plus our grandson is currently serving in the Navy. God Bless and Protect our military and their families. Scotty did an amazing job hosting the show!!
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