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  1. A few hours after my first vote, I went back in and it accepted another vote from me....Damn Strait now has 39 and is leading !!
  2. Sure do hope we get some more videos....it has been waaaay too long!!!
  3. Hoping Scotty's ":You Time" official video will be coming out soon.
  4. Thx so much for these videos...they are amazing!! I Love the new song "Damn Strait". I really hope he decides to record it. Wonderful seeing him and the band back on the stage....sure have missed the live shows.
  5. A Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2021 to all our IDF Family. God Bless.
  6. Just listened to Collin Raye's new song, Scars....Amazing!!!
  7. AWESOME!!!! Congrats to Scotty and team!!
  8. Congrats to Scotty and his team....he really deserves this #1!!!! A Great Day for McCreerians!!!!
  9. So excited!!! Scotty and his team have worked so hard for this. Love It!!!!!
  10. Well Dang! Was really hoping IB would hit #9 this morning, but those increased spins are wonderful to see. Thanks again, Deb....you are Awesome!
  11. Oh my Goodness....Scotty sounded Awesome. His voice is just so very special!! He sang "5 More Minutes" and it was amazing.
  12. Our Panama City station WJHG has announced they will be airing this also....Awesome!!!!
  13. Loving the videos...thanks so much Angela. Just listening to "Twice A Child" again on YouTube. Already has over 1300 views....sure hope this is Scotty's next single. Can't stop listening to it!!! What an amazing song...maybe his best ever!!
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