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  1. Yes I am. He is connected. Everything he touches. Even the other 5H girls hated it.
  2. So stupid... Clearly there is way more to her post... Perfect timing? How can you release a statement like that the day of your release? SMH i don’t ever understand why she stayed with LA Reid when he was the very root cause of 5H breaking up. Dinah is my favourite member, but i’ve already accepted she won’t get as far as the other girls. Her album/ single will just be thrown onto Spotify and expected the surge all by itself.
  3. Where is Dinah’s song? Wasn’t it supposed to be released on 14th Feb? Or is she referring to US time?
  4. I don’t think i like the song very much. I’m assuming they were catering to BOP direction.
  5. Dinah needs an A-list collaboration. She needs to create traction and get her name out there. Normani did the same thing and look where she is at. If it wasn’t for DWAS she would be same level as 4H.
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