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  1. He really is special. If he makes it, we better get ready to vote him into the Top 12. A couple friends of mine are just starting to tune in to this season, and out of the Top 24 males, they like Beane the best. Their first impression is that Beane is charismatic. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, IdolFan117 said:

    As a huge Disney fan, I hope Disney night never goes away. I don't think they will ever get rid of it because it is the perfect corporate synergy. However, It seems like they choose from the same list of 20 Disney songs every year. Here's hoping they will get to do some different Disney songs this season. I don't need to hear "Colors of the Wind", "How Far I'll Go" or "You Got a Friend in Me" on Idol ever again.

    Some songs I would like to see done:


    "He Lives in You" from The Lion King on Broadway

    "So Close" from Enchanted

    "Go the Distance" from Hercules

    "You're Welcome" from Moana

    "Show Yourself" from Frozen II

    "Ever Ever After" from Enchanted

    "Try Everything" from Zootopia

    "I See the Light" from Tangled, specifically by Ava August



    Me too. "He Lives in You" is also used in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. I hope they allow sequels. The Lion King 2 songs are really great - He Lives in You, We Are One and Love Will Find a Way.

  3. On My Own would be great. It's going to be another world-class performance. 


    Also Journey to the Past or Once Upon a December from Anastasia. This is the Broadway version of Journey to the Past.



  4. If Wyatt makes it to Top 16, how far do you think he could go? I'm glad he has gotten really favorable reviews especially on social media and other Idol sites outside IDF, and I hope he could make it to Disney Night at least.

  5. I keep thinking any Robbie Williams song would fit him. Something Beautiful especially. 😃 Fun, positive, uplifting songs.


    This is random but Beane and Ava dueting would be magical. Someone tagged him in an IG story to duet with Ava, and Beane's up for it. 

  6. 4 hours ago, BamBam said:

    Colin isnt in my top favorites but hes underrated as heck. And this proves it.


    Obviously due to his background hes definitely one of the most experienced and comfortable performers. But hes also got a pretty diverse voice. Hes not elite, but he can do a lot of different things with it and he really held his own in a duet with someone who can really, really, really sing.


    Agree with this. My friends who usually root for the girls really love Colin and many of the guys this season. 

  7. Top 24 Questions


    1. Which 8 singers from Group A will advance to Top 16? (80 points)

    - Willie Spence

    - Grace Kinstler

    - Wyatt Pike

    - Cassandra Coleman

    - Alissa Wray

    - Anilee List

    - Graham DeFranco

    - Andrea Valles


    2. Which 8 singers from Group B will advance to Top 16? (80 points)

    - Ava August

    - Beane

    - Casey Bishop

    - Chayce Beckham

    - Jason Warrior

    - Caleb Kennedy

    - Liahona Olayan

    - Hunter Metts


    3. Which female singer (from each group) will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 16? (20 points)

    - Alyssa Wray (Group A)

    - Casey Bishop (Group B )


    4. Which male singer (from each group) will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 16? (20 points)

    - Willie Spence (Group A)

    - Caleb Kennedy (Group B )


    5. What will be the ratio of male and female singers in the Top 16? (20 points)

    - 8 males: 8 females

  8. Over on instagram, some contestants have been posting from home today and not on the Idol set or inside their hotel, and I wonder if they were part of the ones who didn't make it. Instagram fans are speculating. With the pandemic still going on, I assume the producers would've let them know they didn't make it earlier on - probably a few hours after the voting line for Group 2 has closed.


    Hopefully Beane makes it through.

  9. On 4/5/2021 at 12:57 PM, Crisis said:

    Wyatt Pike

    Solo: Rubberband

    Wyatt is another contestant with an interesting tone to his voice. I think he picked a good song; however, I felt the performance felt the same throughout. He didn’t have to add any vocal gymnastics, but he could’ve made it more interesting somehow. In addition, his stage presence was kind of lacking here. Despite everything, it was still solid.


    Duet: Brand New (Ben Rector)

    Here Wyatt put away the guitar and from what he said in the pre-performance video, he’s someone who’s more comfortable with it. It looked that way in the beginning of the duet because it appeared like he didn’t know what to do with his hands at first. :haha: However, he became more comfortable as the performance went on and had much better stage presence than he did in his solo. He didn’t sound too bad either. Wyatt is someone else who I thought had a solid night.




    Thanks for saying this about Wyatt 😃 I usually don't listen to his style but somehow I feel there's magic in his voice. Lol I've been worried about him performing without his guitar but he exceeded my expectations and did well. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, redwood79 said:

    I'm not going to say how many accounts I use because I want my votes to count so let's say I use one account ;)

    Just saw this, and you are right, it's the votes that count ;) 

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