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  1. Welp three weeks in a row of my faves going home. Only rooting for Rose and Katie now.
  2. Marybeth is so unbelievably mediocre and I usually like that kind of singer
  3. My ranking of the performances 1. Megan McKenna - This - Lyrically one of the worst songs I've ever heard, but vocally it was probably my favourite performance of the season. 2. Max & Harvey - Kiss You - Really good as usual 3. Max & Harvey - Last Christmas - Bad song choice but they made the most of it 4. Jenny Ryan - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Her best performance by far 5. V5 - All My Christmas Is You - Same as usual, some good parts but overall uneven and messy vocals 6. Jenny Ryan - The Edge of Glory - Not as bad as the first time she sang it, the endi
  4. 1 Joana 2 Rose 3 Katie 4 Kat 5 Hello Sunday 6 Ricky 7 Marybeth 8 Will 9 Shane 10 Jake
  5. HOW did Myracle land in the B2 after one of the best performances of last night? Oh yeah, she's an older black woman, nvm
  6. 1 Katie - best performance of the season 2 Myracle - loved this <3 <3 hope it's enough to keep her safe 3 Rose - queen as usual 4 Joana - not perfect but I her voice 5 Kat - pretty 6 Ricky - solid as always, his song choices are boring though 7 Will - good first half, messy second half 8 Marybeth - stop. belting. 9 Jake - fine but boring 10 Shane - his best for a while, still not good 11 Hello Sunday - why do they alternate between slaying like last week and messes like this? >.<
  7. Probably the first non-infuriating results week of the season even if I would've preferred Try Star over Jenny, it wasn't exactly a great loss and at least Vinnie's finally gone. Top 4 ranking 1. Max & Harvey - I know Megan's gonna win but I'm rooting for them. Great performers and consistently solid vocals, I don't get the dislike for them tbh 2. Megan McKenna - She's great but her vibrato is kinda off-putting and all her performances sound the same. 3. V5 - Really good performers but their vocals are hit and miss, their sing-off performance was top notch though. 4. Jenny
  8. The difference between Lauren's 57/60 and Ally's 60/60 corresponds to, like, 0.5% of the overall results so I highly doubt the judges scores made any difference to the results tonight
  9. Jenny is actually terrible. Barely better than Vinnie. I don't understand her popularity
  10. You've never heard of Take Me Home Country Roads, Kiss Me, God Only Knows or Danny Boy? Dang
  11. http://thefutoncritic.com/listings/20191118nbc05/ Is this a mistake? Or will only one artist be eliminated on Top 10 week meaning the semifinals are Top 9 instead of the usual Top 8? Seems weird that they'd have an instant save with three artists but only one being eliminated
  12. 1 Rose Short 2 Joana Martinez 3 Hello Sunday 4 Kat Hammock 5 Katie Kadan 6 Myracle Holloway 7 Ricky Duran 8 Marybeth Byrd 9 Will Breman 10 Shane Q 11 Jake Hoot
  13. A white guy singing a country song? We all should've known Shane would be safe. Marybeth escaping the B3 is ridiculous too, she was abysmal last night and this is coming from someone who used to have her as my fave of the season
  14. As a casual fan of the show I’m rooting for Hannah to win :D But while I agree with the consensus that James and Hananh have been underscored and Ally has sometimes been overscored (specifically her samba and Charleston), I think Kel's been just as if not more overscored than Ally :ph34r: I mean there’s no way his tango deserved 9s or his Viennese waltz deserved 10s, not to mention his verrry iffy Halloween jive which somehow got a 27. We all know the real reason Ally’s been landing in the B2 so often, and it's not because the public are better at judging or have sharper eyes than the judges,
  15. 1 Rose - queen 2 Katie - really good 3 Hello Sunday - hated their performances last week but this was kinda great :o 4 Cali - much better than last week, her falsetto is really nice! 5 Kat - not perfect but it was pretty 6 Max - not his best but I love his voice 7 Ricky - solid as always 8 Joana - I love her but wtf was this song choice? 9 Myracle - bad song choice, she did decent 10 Will - meh... looking at how stacked John's team was after BAs it's hard to believe this mediocre guy somehow made his top 3 11 Jake - decent but :sleep: 12 Shane - well, it was better t
  16. 1 Max Boyle 2 Joana Martinez 3 Rose Short 4 Marybeth Byrd 5 Kat Hammock 6 Myracle Holloway 7 Katie Kadan 8 Ricky Duran 9 Cali Wilson 10 Will Breman 11 Hello Sunday 12 Shane Q 13 Jake Hoot
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