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  1. Good. I wondered why it was taken down from youtube.
  2. Video of Elvis https://www.facebook.com/356119910167/videos/1890546647786559
  3. With the time difference, I guess we won't be staying up for this one. In June Anchorage doesn't get dark until 1:30am or later. When we were there I woke at 1:30 then at 7am and it was light both times. There was some darkness in between so I hear. We were touring a glacier at midnight.
  4. scotty must be getting a lot of streaming in places (other than Spotify).
  5. You have to forgive the chatter. In Cali they've been pent up longer than most. For a while that will be more the norm than usual. However that's how the concerts have always been I guess. It is annoying.
  6. Good to see the jump. Here's hoping he can hold fast.
  7. I finally got to watch this. It was a good show & correct, the sound was very good. I think most thought it was one of those "from home" concerts. I did. RD has a really good voice when he uses lower keys. But he spends most of his songs with high notes & that spoils the whole thing. Cam is a WOW.
  8. I missed it. Got wrapped up in Nascar all-star race. Looking forward to seeing it.
  9. It's scheduled for that time tonight I noticed.
  10. My goodness! That's a lot of golfers. Looks like a foursome only has 10 minutes per hole. ( if I understood the chart}
  11. I've signed up before but all they send are one song survey, or two song. Will try again.
  12. Wonder if Ned LaDoux is the son of Chris LaDoux ( made famous in one of Garth's songs).
  13. Hmmmm. 995qyk post says page not found. Re: AI---Sigh another WGWG & country singer/songwriter to an already overcrowded field.
  14. If you search Scotty on the internet they show this as his home. lol.
  15. A lot of football & basketball player & a Canes player.
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