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  1. Rats! Too good to be true.
  2. guess Angela's source was inaccurate.
  3. KPLEX in Dallas is also Cumulus. And larger than KSCS. Hope they get on board, but they probably won't until YT gets to top 20s.
  4. Angela Sabo I have just been told that the Dallas, TX local channel, KSCS 96.3 played You Time at least four times today.
  5. Hope this hasn't already been posted. First Country: New Music From Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton, Scotty McCreery, Trisha Yearwood & More Billboard charts https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/country/9455562/first-country-carrie-underwood-chris-stapleton-scotty-mccreery-trisha-yearwood?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  6. Booyah! Hot ’90s picks comin’ at ya Just wanting me to buy things. I guess "booyah" is a real word. First time I've seen it since Scotty's Family Feud reply.
  7. In my e-mail this morning from Walmart, "Booyah!". Lol
  8. Saw this cover of Twice A Child. This guy did a good job.
  10. lol. Booneville has a population of 8k or 9k. They're so small they can do whatever they want.
  11. Where is clear 99? Missouri I think. Are they jumping the gun? Or part of a plan?
  12. With that wine plug he should get many free cases.
  13. Well there is plenty of buzz.
  14. I still think they could have had a lot more safely in the audience, like 500 to 600. Yes Billy Dukes has become a Scotty fan. Dare we say Scottified? Billy's right, Scotty kept his eyes on the balcony or higher a lot. I notice that during the concert.
  15. The after 6 rule wouldn't help much. they showed film of early afternoon and it was just as bad.
  16. Social distance! Most ARE wearing masks, but too many in small spaces for me. And they would only let 125 at the Ryman?
  17. Has anyone heard how many viewing tickets were sold?
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