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  1. EVeryone have a blessed Thanksgiving!
  2. And Christmas music has begun. It may be January before YT can get going.
  3. The casino's site lists Scotty's concert the 22nd is "postponed". , opening up the Cedar Park date.
  4. fyi--HEB is a huge Texas grocery chain. We refer to it as heebs. Founded by Howard E Butts, and is still family owned. He was a staunch Baptist and would not allow selling of beer, wine, etc. After his death, the next generation wasn't so staunch. Their center when I was young was in Corpus Christi Tx. In the early 50s He wouldn't allow TV to come through there to our area 150 miles south because it was evil. Thus we didn't get network TV until about 1954.
  5. Three song survey is from Cam. Better songs.
  6. Collin Raye has a new song coming out called Scars. It's worth a listen. I saw him sing it on Huckabee. In fact Miranda Lambert duets with Collin on the recording.
  7. Is this like a syndacated show? That's a lot of listening. Of course none available for me according to "affiliate finder"
  8. They are afraid some damaging news might explode at the last minute.
  9. Scotty was in Nashville to record a duet with a friend. Wonder who the friend is?
  10. Good reason Scotty chose his song instead of TAC--songwriter's revenue. The artist does not get royalties for radio play, but the songwriter does. Remember Thom Shepherd's video on how songwriters get paid?
  11. I haven't gotten that email yet. If I don't get it, I'll ask you to send me the link.
  12. Did you get it in your email?
  13. GW's long suite in my opinion was harmony. Colby wanted the attention on her. The songs on their survey didn't feature harmonies. Cam has a great voice and none of these songs showed that off. To me a "hit" has to have a good arrangement and good delivery by the artist. (a good production). Cam's songs sounded amateurish in the production. (hope TT takes notice. I'd like to see Cam succeed.)
  14. Just completed a 4 song radio Trax survey. Turned out they were Cam's. I told the what I thought. Didn't like the arrangements.
  15. He didn't sing "you time"? Strange. Or if he did I missed it.
  16. I saw moose on the couch and thought it had to be their place. Dog on a friend's couch wouldn't be cool
  17. New! LISTEN: 9 Things Scotty McCreery Has Learned On The Road https://995qyk.com/2020/10/09/watch-9-things-scotty-mccreery-has-learned-on-the-road/
  18. That's like 10 a day. Quite an assortment.
  19. Thanks, that makes sense if that's the case. My son created a Playlist of all Lefty Frizel songs for my husband on Pandora, but don't know about just a specific song.
  20. Scotty on Chris Young's blog He starts at about 30 minutes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-quad-with-chris-young/id1493712227
  21. I always was sure Kevin Herring and team knew whats what. They just can only handle one at a time. Streaming services---never heard of Tencents. Wonder why Pandora isn't part of the riaa group?
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