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  1. Good interview. No phoniness. Scotty was relaxed.
  2. From Judy's Facebook and WSG https://www.facebook.com/mikenjudy.mccreery/videos/4504776742872763 So I have Moose duty this weekend while Mike and his partner in crime Andy Lancaster head to sunny Florida for the NC State football game. (I’m not bitter...) Moose was scratching to get in the garage ‘cause that’s where he saw Scotty & Gabi exit. When he wandered around he got quite a surprise from this old stand up...
  3. You're a real trooper. I'll wait and hope Angela or someone will post his part.
  4. Thanks for posting these Sandy. I hadn't seen the Luckenbach one. I'd like for he and the band to do "Are you sure Hank did it this way". Keith Urban did a big production of this a several years ago. It was awesome.
  5. Scotty mention recording a 4 he program. Guess this was it.
  7. Sidney has been busy shooting the couple lately
  8. That was fun. Thanks for posting.
  9. Really! Cool. I may have to follow him on Instagram. His youtube downloads are interesting.
  10. Do we know Ashley's beau's name?
  11. I would not have EVER crossed that bridge any day.
  12. missed it. Hope it appears somewhere.
  13. lol. I usually record the races so I can watch from the beginning if I might miss the start.
  14. I knew what you meant, lol. And it is a bottom line thing.
  15. Sandy I also am a race fan, mostly Nascar. Especially this year since my favorite won the championship.
  16. That's often true. I'm sure radio as well as other businesses will struggle and some will fail after this virus.
  17. What was his position there? Just looked it up 1 day ago · CUMULUS MEDIA Country KPLX (99.5 THE WOLF)/DALLAS afternoon host MARK PHILLIPS has departed the station after 14 years in that daypart. He had also been the station’s PD for seven years (from .2008--
  18. I just now got an email with a "use your ticket" link.
  19. Only 87 for Darius. You are correct the sound and picture quality was terrible.
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