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  1. Weather at Indian Ranch area looks a little nasty..
  2. Dare we hope for a giant leap to #1?
  3. Woo Whooo !!! That'll help at Billboard.
  4. I'm glad they said this is outside. Their inside stage looks very small.
  5. It looks like the same guy in all 3 photos. I think it is he. I've never seen him in camo though.
  6. Probably his team hasn't noticed YET. Maybe they'll see your post.
  7. I think any single chosen will have to be a co-write. (money)
  8. I totally agree. I watch several 3 master once and all I could think about was jumping on one sailing away.
  9. Well it says poetry & music. So maybe openers is poetry. lol. Its hard to believe only one act-Scotty.
  10. It matters To Her is a GOOD country song.
  11. I'm ready for Scotty to jump the one just above him.
  12. Good book. Very different from the movie.
  13. Wonder what's wrong this time.
  14. Yes thanks. Hopefully they will have a writeup on size of the crowd next week.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRqCio8n8nj/
  16. There's another Monty Criswell co-write on there. How You Doin Up There. Sounds good.
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