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  1. Don't understand. It's still increasing on mine. Over 11K now.
  2. You know, I think I like this version better than the recorded version.
  3. That might be like 50 weeks. I doubt it has been decided what the next single would be for sure.
  4. It's enough to discourage a fan.
  5. He has a few from 3 yrs ago also. Scotty looks so young there.
  6. He/she has 3 others also. Really good quality. Inbetween
  7. It's good to see the same songs from different areas of the room. Angela seemed to have a noisy Bunch near her, or should I say noisier. I'm really enjoying them.
  8. it looks like galvanized metal. Looks kind of cool. Industrial chic.
  9. Looks like it's just about a sell out. At least seats are about gone
  10. Gosh, you'd a thought they were already.
  11. What does the "convert now!" mean.
  12. I had about decided they weren't going to do one.
  13. I tried to lookup Scotty's ticket sales coming up. There's still a good amount available at Cedar Park. He's preceded there by pro bull rider assoc. and followed by Tobymac. Tobymac will be there Fri. amd Sat. He'll sell out both probable. BB is hard to tell but looks pretty good. They were on the news broadcast up there explaining their covid precautions and telling about Scotty coming.
  14. Holy moley. Glad someone has that kind of money to spend these days. I wonder what others got for theirs?
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