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  1. Ok, where's Scotty! This is the station's facebook https://www.facebook.com/98.5KYGO/ finally he appeared on the instagram story.
  2. You don't suppose Scotty flew from San Antonio to Nashville to Denver today?
  3. This format of jam is not the best imoo. One song, pass the baton, one song, pass the baton, etc.
  4. The 5th Scotty is in Denver. Has to be prerecorded.
  5. KTEX still shows Scotty at the jam on Dec 7th
  6. Looks like the update worked fine.
  7. So the update will happen when it happens. Lol.
  8. jerszygirl picture and two video clips https://www.instagram.com/p/B5eh7D8noh5/
  9. BigL is rented. The company will just repair or replace her. Rent would be the same.
  10. I'm guessing this is acoustic. Or is the whole entourage traveling for one show. The promo is making a big deal of this for an acoustic show.
  11. putting this here--- Becky dog has passed away.
  12. It said page not found, but I search the site for scotty McCreery and there they are. https://photos.howellphotographicarts.com/s...ty+mccreery#i=0
  13. Scotty also used this some for Seasons Change.
  14. Some station wait for top twenty. smh
  15. Since I seem to not be able to access iTunes anymore, I purchased a mp3 of IB from Amazon. iTunes doesn't like my old OS on my laptop and it will not install on my tablet. Bye, bye iTunes.
  16. If radio stations chose to play this acoustic recording, would it count as a spin? Just curious
  17. Ha it tells me there is an error in the iTunes store, try later. So I'll try later.
  18. I have trouble navigating iTunes. Where do I look for it? playlist? store?
  19. I guess we need a couple more threads, like off topic, calendar. we'll need a 2020 calendar soon. Maybe just 2020 with Dec 2019 on it would do.
  20. We'll probably see some audience video later. Unless they forbid them. Hum. Maybe they have other plans for all videos. (I hope) Mike n Judy posted something on their Facebook. But not Scotty.
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