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  1. Ashley's baby https://www.instagram.com/p/CX2AHvYJjIHTVawS_OxJ2ZLdycYIv36YCxhzq80/
  2. ZBB is already recurrent on Billboard. Scotty is 35.
  3. "Will" was confusing. He does resemble Nix.
  4. That's not George. The guy with a gray beard is Kevin from TT, I think.
  5. Small Town Girl really shows off all the good parts of Scotty's voice. I do really like IMTH. But I really love It'll Grow On Ya. ( It may be the arrangement that gets me more than the song itself) Actually Home rolls around in my brain the most.
  6. siriusxm Willie's Roadhouse has been all Christmas music for several days already.
  7. On WSG they report that Lauren is the new Opry member. No comment.
  8. Good to know I'm not the only one that found Wings of Pegasus.
  9. Wing of Pegasus is the musician I was referencing.
  10. RE: Adele on the country chart--According to mainline entertainment reporters she has fallen out with UK fans & industry somewhat due to her prolonged lack of content + her uhh....attitude. So maybe her management is trying to spread her out. Also a UK musician who hates autotuning, has posted that it was used on her recent recording.
  11. It was nice of the station to provide the live feed.
  12. Either Joe is a no-show or he gets his own set.
  13. Looks like a phone bank maybe? Maybe taking donations?
  14. If I read the tickets available correctly, there aren't many tickets left. Wonder if they are sticking to the covid limits.
  15. From the live-feed I was watching, the bad stuff seemed to just miss Cincy. Those tornadoes stayed on the ground for hours and were still going strong when I went to bed.
  16. I'm watching weather live. I hope the band has already come to Texas. The weather between Nashville & Texas is really, really bad. Tornados on the ground in Illinois Arkansas, Kentucky, etc
  17. Are any of you Ohioans in the path of those tornadoes?
  18. I've seen this thought expressed about Scotty several times lately. "This will be Scotty's third trip to Ten Man Jam and will likely be one of the last times he's seen on a stage this size! " Bobby Bones said Scotty is about to explode. He said that just before the pandemic hit and ,of course, that slowed everything down.
  19. Scotty is "one of their musical guests". Hope gets to do several songs.
  20. Yes. I doubt if they will stay. But who knows.
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