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  1. I think it’s for my oh my. i don’t think first man will be a single:/
  2. Saw it like three times so far. Thought they had stopped airring it? Wish it had my oh my song on it instead.
  3. Seriously they should at least put it in her instastories.
  4. She needs to just do her thing, ignore the haters who cares. The more they hate the more she succeeds.
  5. Im sure they would push it, if they want to make money from Romance, unless epic just wants to be spiteful...but without Camila who do they have to push?
  6. Wow i had a feeling the rollout for Romance and the way they treated liar was like a big FU to epic. They kind of played their cards right and now with a better label her cc3 era should be well epic!!
  7. It will stay steady with MOM smashing and then releasing a masterpiece first man.
  8. Btw when mom goes number one and cinderella comes Out and cc3 they will have nothing on camila anymore they thought that old tumblr would cancel her lol
  9. They are so pathetic, as many of you know I can’t stand Halsey but I don’t go out of my way to send her hate or post hate about her all over (just here) Glad camila’s songs are gaining everywhere need to get mom to top ten!!
  10. What’s funny is they excuse bad behaviors from Billie, ariana because they were young lol Camila was 13-15 lol they are so ridiculous it’s sad they just want to ruin her because she is more popular than the other four. But guess what they won’t! Those who want to cancel her weren’t her fans in the first place and she’ seems to be gaining fans with her sincerity!
  11. She really did not have to apologize again. Just ignore the haters just giving them more reasons to feel validated for their hate.
  12. She’s in the studio already? Working on cc3 before filming for cinderella starts? Or working on cinderella soundtrack already?? :excited:
  13. With a better team t would have easily been number one... Roger has to go..
  14. Holding steady in all platforms. i woule love an all choreography video like thriller, Please The my oh my fallon performance was so amazing.
  15. My oh my is a hit. For sure her next top ten and im afdicted to it now just took a week lol It’s so catchy.
  16. I want her to fire her team so badly... she really deserves better. She can’t do It all herself with her great performances...
  17. They better have the video ready in two weeks, when is the fallon performance? I just wish she performed first man over living proof the gp just did not like that song for some reason.
  18. Obviously the leak did not help, loss a lot of streaming with casual/non fans that wanted to give it a listen...
  19. I want first man and this love videos Also used to this even though i realize it’s not single material.
  20. First man about to go viral, might have to make it the next single.
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