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  1. I just read that the Governor of Illinois has cancelled the Illinois State Fair for 2020. Also the Long Center Performing Arts on September 3 has been changed again to September 27, 2020.
  2. Super hyped for Scotty (and us) and this awesome journey to THREE number ones in a row. Way to go Scotty!!!
  3. I hope everyone heard the praises heaped on Scotty by Brent Lane (DJ and program director) Last night at the end of the broadcast. Brought tears to my eyes. Brent was so sincere.
  4. Wells is in a light shirt and dark jacket to Rogers right. Criswell, I assume that ho he is), is in the area of empty seats to the left of Mike. He is turned back facing Rogers and Wells.
  5. I love these pictures, not only for Mike, Judy and Janet’s reaction, but a proud Derek Wells and Frank Rogers standing and pointing recognition to Monty Criswell, can be seen in center of photo. (There might even be a glimpse of me and Sarah Sanders..)
  6. I have question of some tech savvy folks. I have tickets for the show tonight that I will be sharing. I have heard that I could screen shot the tickets and text them to the ones I am sharing with. Question....does anyone know that this will 100% work?
  7. Sure do miss you! Wish so much we could be sharing this awesome night.
  8. Was very hard to get anything to post during the show, but it was anything but dead in the theatre.The crowd loved Scotty and he in turn rewarded us with one fantastic show. Those going to the Ryman next month Scotty said he may tease us with some new music. . Scotty also said he and crew watched 2 or 3 parades today and went to one of our famous seafood restaurants on the Bay. Was fun to see so many MCCreerians from around the region there tonight....Regina Espy, Theresa Crabtree, TenorTrish, Mike Gibbs. I have posted some photos now on Facebook, and Instagram.
  9. Looking forward to tonight’s show. I hate it is not a sell out for Scotty, but Mobile’s radio station 95ksj has never been a big Scotty supporter and Mobile is in the middle of Mardi Gras parades and celebration. All is good, though, as those there will be blown away by Scotty’s performance and we will have so much fun.
  10. Deb Please add my name to the August 1 concert in Orange Beach. Tickets are not on sale yet, but I will definitely be there! Several of us have rented a penthouse condo at the venue. (I will let them list their name). All the beds are taken ,but there are still air mattresses available if anyone wants to join us. The venue is full of shops, restaurants,etc. We have rented for 7/31, 8/1, 8/2.
  11. I would think these personality changes with iHeart will decrease their audience even more. Mobile, WKSJ-FM, has lost a 20+ year DJ, one who the community has identified with as the voice of 95KSJ.
  12. Sharon, Regina, Sarah Sanders, and I will at the Ryman. I will be at Mobile, Al show Feb 15 with family and friends.
  13. I always expect a good time when the evening is spent with Scotty performing. Tonight was beyond anything I expected for an acoustic show with 3 artists. Scotty’s setlist had 12 songs which included Santa Claus Is Back In Town and the complete oldies medley. The audience loved him and I did too. Sherry I am sorry, I forget I had made my IG account private due to posting pictures of my young grandchildren, but I will be happy to accept your friend request. Full video of SCIBIT is posted now with link posted on my twitter page @granma2bleuwolf. When Scotty sang FMM and This Is It, he acknowledged the radio, CatCountry987, for their spins and help getting them to the top. They were one of his top spinners for This Is It and just won CMA Radio station for the year.
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