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  1. As heartbroken as I am for his friends and family during this time, it has genuinely warmed my heart to see so many people on social media post such heartwarming messages about how amazing Serge was and sharing stories and videos. Everyone saying he was so loving and giving with a personality and smile that would light up a room. Genuinely don’t think he had a bad bone in his body, and to have made such an impression on so many people can’t be a coincidence. Clearly an amazing person and of course an incredible dancer and teacher who will be missed and remembered fondly by many, me among them. damn just posted and seen I’ve still got my misspelled #Sergilio banner from when Season 11 was airing. Emilio was one of many who put up a beautiful post about their friendship, he really did seem to leave an impact on everyone he met in such a positive way
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