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  1. Is anyone able to tape/ post Scotty’s performance on the “Today” show. Unable to watch so really hoping to see his performance.
  2. So disappointed not to be able to hear Scotty be guest host on GoCountry105fm this month. Got an error message stating that only residents of the US are able to listen to this station. BUMMER UGGH!
  3. Thanks very much for your prompt response. Good to know we can watch it again.
  4. Does any one know if we will be able to watch this concert tomorrow? I will be watching tonight but would like to watch it again if we can,
  5. I have loaded the app for Country 102.5 WKLB Boston, so will be listening/ watching from there
  6. It’s going to be a great show! Scotty never disappoints!
  7. So sad to post that I will not be able to attend Scotty’s concert on Feb. 21 at the Fallsview casino. Unfortunately I fell on the ice recently and had to had a reset of my right hip replacement. Have just returned home from surgery this past Saturday and am laid up until March 3 at the earliest. Since it is a sold out show hoping other fans will post with pictures and/ or videos.
  8. Ok, thanks Carol. I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything yet, it appears that many artists are announcing tour dates and special guests, thought maybe I had missed something.
  9. Has Scotty announced who he is touring with this summer or have I missed it? ?
  10. I won’t be able to attend “The Ryman” but my daughter Kathleen and I will be attending Scotty’s show February 21 at the Niagara Casino. Can’t wait!
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