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  1. Just posting to say that Stephanie was completely robbed. She was the performance of the night, OMG what an amazing performance, she put herself into the song in such a beuatiful way, and the way she slinked around those notes was aweseome and actually super high difficulty. Ironic how Kelly said to Guy that Guy should "do the right thing and take her through" when she also does tragic choices for her team, but at least she was right there.
  2. I'm shocked Delta picked Jesse over Stellar. Performance-wise, Stellar was far superior. Jesse went off-pitch quite visibly at one point of the song, and conveyed much less emotion. But Stellar will be Delta's wildcard, for sure, so all is good. Sucks for Graeme and Claudia though
  3. I think the most likely result is that Louis and one of the girls goes home. If it were based on the performances I think Julia just slightly edged out Sam, but Sam will probably be the one lonely girl in the finale because of her overall story and exposure.
  4. The sound engineers sure hate Julia, the mixing for both her performances was absolutely atrocious and ruined any slim chances she had to move on.
  5. Myracle lacks the ability to transcend song choices like this, like Rose managed to do last week. Horrible horrible song choice. Also, is this really the best Whitney Houston song to dedicate to your late grandmother? Didn't make that much sense lyrically
  6. Going first, terrible song choice, not one dancer on stage (zero effort by the production), things are not looking very good for Joana.... She did the best she could with that song choice. She is actually very good.
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