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  1. Yeah Julia was 10 times better in the 4-way KO and would have been 20 times better here, but sure, the USA has really terrible taste.
  2. I just hope Carter is the PV, otherwise Payge is 100% toast instead of just 60%.
  3. Payge was by far the best so far. She is probably the best artist up there this season. Gwen will save that boring country guy thouhg after Carter PV, because.... yeah
  4. Wow, John legit came out and said Payge is by far the best on Team Gwen. Not that it is a very tall order, she wasted her steals (her Knockout steal was beyond horrendous), but still. Gosh, this season is really bad.
  5. Kelly legit eliminated her best contestants in the previous rounds (Marisa, Kelsie) to keep random mediocre ones and now has an horrendously bad team. Also, tonight's song choices suck.
  6. Julia was by far the best, but it obviously won't matter, Ryan is too hot and bland to be beaten.
  7. Chloe's song choice did her no favours. It languished too much in the middle, they could have honestly cut 30 seconds in the middle. Plus she didn't quite hit everything she tried. Carter unexpectedly won it on the night
  8. Carter started off pretty rough but quickly picked it up and slayed.
  9. Nope, she did not. Then again, in The Voice US rarely if ever do contestants truly pick their own songs freely.
  10. Madeline was amazing. The level of difficulty of the two songs has such an astronomical difference though, Kelsie had a much bigger mountain to climb
  11. Kelsie actually did a good job with the song, it's such a hard song to be forced to cover, and even harder to make your own.
  12. Yeah Blake clearly downplayed Bailey in the hopes of stealing her but it failed
  13. Just posting to say that Stephanie was completely robbed. She was the performance of the night, OMG what an amazing performance, she put herself into the song in such a beuatiful way, and the way she slinked around those notes was aweseome and actually super high difficulty. Ironic how Kelly said to Guy that Guy should "do the right thing and take her through" when she also does tragic choices for her team, but at least she was right there.
  14. I'm shocked Delta picked Jesse over Stellar. Performance-wise, Stellar was far superior. Jesse went off-pitch quite visibly at one point of the song, and conveyed much less emotion. But Stellar will be Delta's wildcard, for sure, so all is good. Sucks for Graeme and Claudia though
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