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  1. I'm sorry but Willie didn't even come close. Where was the emotion and the passion?
  2. Seriously, what Arthur did to "Remember Me" was a crime. He should've been expelled from the competion right away. I was going to say it was borderline disrespectful, but there was nothing borderline about it. Says he didn't watch the movie and proceeds to destroy the song and its meaning. "Coco" is probably the single best Pixar movie of all time, and it didn't deserve that.
  3. America really is the WORST. I mean, what an amazing season that has just been turned into a boring WGWG snoozefest.
  4. Makayla was the best so far, but the song was too big for her and she didn't arrange it in a smart way or tweak it to her strengths or make good vocal choices. Actually, scratch that, DeWayne was the best so far.
  5. Why the f did we really have to do this. Now we are going to have a broken didgeridoo trying and failing miserably to sing actual words in the Top 10 for this season, after having been the runner-up last season, and he will start sending people home that are more deserving. If he wins it will be so so so awful it's beyond words.
  6. So, if anyone is mad about Ava, just think that Arthur got her place in the Top10, that oughta cheer you up!
  7. People online seem to be on Grace's side and pooping on the judge's criticism. I think tonight might've actually earned her a lot of votes. Her performance was actually pretty great too.
  8. It will be fan to see Arthur and Chayce splitting votes. I wonder what would happen.
  9. DeShawn earned it tonight. Alyssa and Caleb on the other hand....
  10. Good job Katy getting Ava sent home. Completely undeserved.
  11. Am I the only one who feels very little emotion from Willie? Even in this song, it was so middle of the road emotionally.
  12. Mad respect for Willie for this song choice, knowing Idol's viewers this song is a big risk to pick.
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