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  1. Agree. Kris won because of his artistry. One does not always need to have the best vocals to win. Kris earned it.
  2. Agree, 100%. I was thinking about this yesterday. I thought that either Joshua or Jessica would leave at top 4 because both were powerful belters, but both made it through anyway. The only difference is Casey appears to be a lot stronger than Hollie as a contestant.
  3. So nervous for Casey! I can't vote. I'm from the Philippines.
  4. I'm sorry for being ignorant... But who is Paul???
  5. Same here. I'm also a fan, and I kinda think that he must not have been allowed to compete again, but I don't want him to be a shock boot either. Ugh this entire comeback thing gives me conflicting emotions haha.
  6. I also have a feeling that Casey will win anyway. It would be interesting if Arthur Gunn ends up as a runner up again!
  7. Not surprised at all. How will this affect the competition then???
  8. Oh. Arthur, Louis and Makayla will take those three (3) spots.
  9. Agree! But I guess reality singing shows are not for him??? He is too talented but can't seem to establish a fan base.
  10. I kind of agree... I just want him to advance this time
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