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  1. It can also be Crystal Bowersox. She was not my favorite but I believe she was the best finalist that season but fell short somehow.
  2. 1. Ability larger than a body part - Reuben Studdard 2. Tell me where love goes when it's gone - Haley Reinhart 3. Kick ... mail service -Vonzell Solomon 4. Wears hometown out front - Fantasia Barrino 5. Hmph, some makeover - Erika Van Pelt I am sure about Haley and Erika only!!!
  3. Okay. Haley has appeared already!!! She is my all time favorite and I've been living in Planet Haley as a Halien since season 10. My third all time favorite which I though would appear is Jessica Meuse!!! And thank God that my second all time favorite who is Elise is also still on the running! It is good though that my top 4 favorites of all time are in your top 50. Here is my list of favorites! I still have Elise and Jessica!!! 1. Haley Reinhart 2. Elise Testone 3. Jessica Meuse 4. Syesha Mercado
  4. I've been following this thread for a while now. I told myself to comment only when my favorite shows up. I'm pretty sure that my all-time favorite will appear on the next set. I can also sense that my third all time favorite will also appear. Tough set ahead!!! But I'll keep my mouth shut due to the prohibition! I wish you can rank them higher. :(
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