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  1. 1 minute ago, ButterflyEffect said:

    In Germany, the Nazi's had the Jews.

    In the USA, the MAGA's have ANTIFA.

    Why are we still listening to Lin Wood, didn't they just go off on an insane Twitter rant about videos of people making others rape and kill children on video?


    Lin Wood, is an expert at defamation law. Do you honestly think, that he would post that, if it WEREN'T true? Why, would he do that?  And why, haven't J Roberts, and Mike Pence, disputed this? Why haven't they tried to sue Lin Wood?


    In 2017, President Trump, signed an Executive Order, to deal with  Human Trafficking. It's one of the main reasons, that he ran for president, to begin with. There is A LOT, that people, don't know. I've tried to tell you, without, coming out and saying it


    I truly wish, that it was just an insane rant. I really, really do. I guarantee you ....  it is not. I told you all, that things would come out, that are at the very least .... shocking. 

    J Epstein, apparently had video cameras set up EVERYWHERE, on his island. . There's videos of so many politicians, royalty, celebrities, media. And, guess who has them?

  2. Here we go ... news, coming out ...


    "A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate."


    Full Article:



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  3. 1 minute ago, ButterflyEffect said:

    Still killing me that you say you're conservative, and then not two hours later they call you a leftist, and their only response to it when called out on it was "I must not have been interested enough". 

    That's friggin' peak LOL.


    Well, come on, now .... on  a day, like today, with everything going on? THAT, was supposed to grab my attention? 

  4. 4 minutes ago, *Chris said:

    That’s because we don’t discuss in issues that I far to the left on such as the economy (although I do not know about the US economy to comment on it), foreign relations, trade... you know there’s more to being a conservative than social values because my social values are pragmatic and reflect 2020 & my life as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.


    And you know you can be progressive and still be conservative. I identifies as a progressive conservative and not as a republicans because I don’t believe republican represents conservatism. 

    and once again, the definition of conservatism in Canadian  is obviously different than your definition of conservatism.


    do you really think I would donate my hard earned money to different Conservative party  or candidate in Canada if I wasn’t one? Or working on national and provincial campaigns? 

    Obviously, there’s no winning with you so not sure why I am wasting my time trying to explain to you where I fall on the spectrum. 



    As if I were supposed to know, any of that?  Anyway .... yay, we actually have more in common, than we knew.

  5. 1 minute ago, mercfan3 said:


    You are an isolationist. You consider that to be a far left value, but it's actually a value on both of the crazy sides of the aisle. 


    You are a covid conspiracy person. Again - you consider that a left value (anti-vaxxer, most likely..although mostly just drawn to conspiracies), but this is a value on both of the crazy sides..


    You mistrust the media, and thus look for other sources..again..both a crazy right and crazy left value.


    You embody what I mean by saying that politics aren't a line or spectrum, they're a circle in this country. 



    Mis-Trust the media .... that, is an understatement!!!!!  You know what is crazy?  Believing "news" channels, that are owned by 6 corporations, and have higher ups, from the pharmaceutical industries, sitting on their boards Yes , most of them. How do you think, they (news stations) get their money? They have to put out, what they are told to put out. Tow, the line. They are compromised. There is no real journalism, because of it. They CAN"T REPORT THE TRUTH. And if it's not on the TV, people don't believe it. Mass hypnosis. I haven't watched TV, for over 10 years.


    I go to independent journalists, or.... to the source itself ( the actual words of lawyers, viral experts, the president, journalists, not bought by corporations ), whether they are on paper, YouTube, Twitter, individual sites. To you, that means "crazy", because it doesn't fit the MSM narrative. I look at each issue, individually, as to how beneficial, or destructive, it is, for this country. I am an independent thinker.  :peace:

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  6. 5 minutes ago, ButterflyEffect said:

    I don't really know what else you want him to do other than tell you, that really takes all the mind reading out of it. Do you need him to go riot outside the Capitol building? Does he need to go tell a gay person that they don't deserve to live? Is that what you're looking for?

    When a man who's conservative tells you he is and you don't believe it, I think that says more about the other things you "believe" more than anything else.


    There has LITERALLY been NOTHING in his past conversation, to indicate it, like EVER, that I have seen. (views, stand on issues etc). It's simple, really. 


  7. 3 minutes ago, *Chris said:

    That’s because your views are so far right that it makes me look like a far left individual! 


    LOLOLLOL Name one thing, that I stand for. Go ahead, since you know me so well  :P   Go ahead. I'll be waiting


    FYI ... I am left of center. Trump, was a democrat most of his life, until the corrupt forces, got ahold of the party (Big Pharma, Military Industrial Complex etc ...). And so ... he left it. 

  8. 1 minute ago, JC said:

    I feel that some Republicans do not understand that Democrats have nothing against being a Republican and do not judge them for that at all. I get along with Republicans just fine, I actually agree economically with them more than the Dems.

    However, supporting Trump is the thing that we just cannot condone or overlook. If you support him after all his antics and blatant disregard for humanity, you must be a horrendous person.



    Oh Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez  I can't roll my eyes enough, at that one. Just because you choose, to believe, the lying corrupt media

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  9. 1 minute ago, *Chris said:

    Just like how we are not really interested in the sources and lies that you keep posting. 


    And THAT, is why you are going to get the shock of your lives. I won't come & tell you "I told you so".

    I am just going to come and post a million smiles;  🙃

    Just watch.

  10. 6 minutes ago, ButterflyEffect said:

    The biggest giveaway would have been when he told you he was a conservative just a few hours ago in this thread. 


    Telling me, doesn't do anything. I need to see something. I LITERALLY, have not observed anything "conservative". I mean, in all these weeks .... besides saying it. Where has it been demonstrated? I'm not a mind reader

  11. 3 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

    Twitter's a private company and they can (and will) restrict what they want. That's their right and that's it. If users don't adhere to the guidelines, they can restrict whatever they want. A private company enforcing its own rules isn't fascism lol. Granted, they've done a piss-poor job at monitoring most of Twitter (specifically vitriol geared toward Democrats or left-leaning candidates).


    Twitter owes no one anything and if you have a problem with the way Twitter runs, you're more than welcome to try any other platform until you inevitably get banned there as well. Please develop a basic understanding of freedom of speech.


    You are going to see the law changed on that. An Executive Order  🙃


    And like I stated, I myself, do not have a  facebook, twitter, or instagram account. And .... I will find info, wherever I please, thank you

  12. 2 minutes ago, ButterflyEffect said:

    > Those on the left
    > Chris is a Conservative



    I haven't noticed a sliver of conservatism, in Chris. I mean, like .... in what way & how?   :mellow:


    Not that I'm conservative, because .... I'm not



  13. Just now, *Chris said:

    Just go join your friends on parler if you have such an issue with twitter. 



    I will look for info, wherever I please .... thank you. See? Those on the left try and control, your very breath


    It didn't take but 1 minute, for that, to be proven. Thanks

  14. 52 minutes ago, mercfan3 said:

    Twitter deleted the posts because of the misinformation about the election in them. That video is another “stand by” moment as well. 


    Twitter censors, what they don't agree with. Like I said .... Fascists. Either we have free speech .... or, we don't

  15. 6 minutes ago, season1 said:

    ICYMI, Trump posted this video on Twitter urging his supporters to go home and a tweet telling them to go home in peace  but Twitter deleted both tweets.














    Of course, they deleted his tweets. They're FASCIST

  16. 9 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

    Oh my freaking god. You have to be either a complete idiot or a racist to try and equate the Black Lives Matter protests which largely were peaceful and escalated by police force to what happened today. There were protests and riots because police kill black people without consequences. The same police that have no fear or hesitation in using tear gas, rubber bullets, mace, parading tanks down residential streets etc for the last 6 years and years and years before that had no problem letting a group of white supremacist Trump following terrorists storm the Capitol.


    These people rioting today were following the orders from a president who refuses to concede power. Who wants to peddle conspiracy theories about an election that his supporters in the Congress have entertained for too long. These are people who went to tear down the Capitol and intimidate Congresspeople certifying the election results because they don't believe that black people and other people of color should be allowed to influence presidential results.  This is on Donald Trump. Who said in Charlottesville that there were "good people on both sides" who today still told the terrorists storming the Capitol that he still loved them. He is who he said he was since the beginning. 


    Anybody who is surprised that it has come to this hasn't been paying attention. Because it had already come to this in August 2017 and in Michigan in October. This is Facebook which has allowed misinformation and disinformation to spread uncontrolled on its platform because it gets clicks and views. This is Twitter which has refused to deplatform Trump. But mostly this is Donald Trump and his white supremacist supporters whose racism is endemic to their beliefs and their actions. 


    You were saying?   :mellow:  And, this is the tip of the iceberg


    Downtown Portland businesses targeted by self-described Antifa group in Wednesday night riot - YouTube


    Portland protests: Violence escalates as protesters continue to face off with federal police - YouTube


    Police and Protesters Clash in Springfield, Oregon - YouTube


    Black Lives Matter: Federal agents confront protesters in Portland - YouTube


    Protesters clash in Portland, 1 person shot dead - YouTube


    Portland protests: Fence pulled down at federal courthouse, police declare riot - YouTube



  17. 1 minute ago, ButterflyEffect said:



    In a way I'm a bit jealous and envious of you. We're all here, clearly upset and angry about what has happened between election day and now. You on the other hand, seem blissfully happy in your made up alternate reality where Trump never lost. I wish I were happy right now.


    Ahhhh ....   projection. It's a wondrous thing

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