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  1. I love the new song Same Truck and the video and the special album cover. I ordered a few last night. This song makes me really excited to hear the rest of the album. Come on album release day!! I’m so ready!
  2. Great news!! So excited for the new album!!! Off to pre-order now.
  3. I got to watch the concert Friday night and again last night. Scotty and the band were GREAT!!! Loved the new single and the Travis Tritt cover was awesome. When it’s just Scotty and his guitar ... he just draws you in to the song with his voice! Loved it all!
  4. SSKY


    Woohoo!! 1 more day!
  5. SSKY


    Very exciting week! Fingers crossed!
  6. How great was that tonight! Great job Scotty and so many watching! Here is the link again that tells you if you get a local TV channel for the Circle. I found my area channel and I now see the Circle session episode will replay tomorrow at 3:30 for my area. It may be different per locations but worth checking for anyone who missed it. Here’s how I found it. https://www.circleplus.com/ Once you click on link above, Scroll down a little to “Country Plays Here” and enter your zip code to find if it’s on a local tv channel.
  7. Sorry to say I won’t be there tonight. Family decided to come in town today for Thanksgiving so my plans had to be altered at the last minute. Have fun Deb & Phil! :wave:
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