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  1. Gotta fill that time.
  2. Why would you win 3/3 of these competitions off the spot, when the 3rd one has absolutely nothing on the line for it? That's telling everybody "Hey I can win these competitions with ease!". Cmon Frenchie. Shoulda threw the dice throwing competition, he almost did. I'd be hiding my frustration if I am on Team Joker.
  3. Who asked for Davon Tae back? She sucked in her season LOL but i guess she is a personality but this is ALL STARS aka should be best of the best. Same with Enzo scrub azz still in this.
  4. The king is back for one night. Not a fan of these all stars, needed my santa clawson and Jerry. Where are the old elderly men on this season? Like what the freak.... Age discrimination is real.
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