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  1. He insinuated that she was lazy and obsessed with her boyfriend during her season and that he had to instil his work ethics into her. The last time she publically acknowledged him was during Normani's season as she was friends with her. He also attended a home gathering and showing of the Greatest Showman at her house but that was the last time they were together. She would occasionally throw a like to his posts but it's clear that she's outgrown him and might feel differently about him . Even after the Emmy win, Val posted screenshots on his stories of him messaging Zendaya about how great Eu
  2. I actually think that not winning helped her to boost her career. She's known for her excellent journey, which will always be present and " there" for people to see, without being attached to the show itself and the stigma it comes with it . Sort of like people going back and being surprised that Kim K did DWTS, except that Zendaya actually capitalized on the platform. It reminds me of Normani's " robbed queen status" which can gain more attention than winning and taking first place. I was thinking of starting a Tea thread . I think that Val & Zendaya are not as close anymore a
  3. Anyone from Game of Thrones. That show has a huge cast and even the smallest cast member would be an amazing get (especially that many aren't established as big names in their own rights )
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