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  1. They obviously cut the part where Gigi tried to talk and probs apologise to Heidi in Untucked. She was shown going to Heidi but then it cuts off to the sofas or something. Also, it seems like [redacted] is part of the drama with Widow. I mean it was shown in Untucked but they made it seem more like a Jackie/Widow thing. [Redacted] is really f*cking up everything
  2. I wonder which one will win for the Drama category since it still has a million shows left
  3. I have been working on my write-ups I'll send both rankings and write-ups together.
  4. Voted! Loving the new voting system Some queens were saved because of their looks in some seasons but also there were those who weren't saved even with great looks.
  5. The Sopranos - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Anne, Chris, Victoria, Diana, QK, Wallace, Rei American Horror Story: Asylum - Alex, Elliott, Sola, Nico, Tom, Vee
  6. NICK "NORMAN GENTLE" MITCHELL My gosh. This guy. Nick auditioned in season 8 under his alter ego named Norman Gentle. I still don't know why he wore the headband and the wristbands for working out. He sang And I Am Telling You and Simon just didn't like it because he hated comedy. He had a banter with Simon telling him that Nick promised he wouldn't try to be funny and then Norman just replied with him being hurt "where you get kicked sometimes". Simon rebutted telling him he reckoned Norman would've liked it And then Norman replied, "You mean the way you like it when Seacrest does it? Whacha say now, Simon?!" I honestly died when he said that with my mouth gaping. The Simon x Ryan gossips before wooh lawd Anyway back to his audition, he sang Amazing Grace instead and he got through. His whole audition was just an entertaining mess I loved it I don't remember much of his Hollywood week but he made it through to the live shows. He then sang And I Am Telling You... again! I mean Norman can definitely sing but he was just there to be a comedian rather than pursue a real career being a singer. The whole performance was a mess that I LIVE for SAVING: TIM HALPERIN
  7. vee_


    She looks stunning!
  8. I saw that tweet from you actually I think
  9. So glad for you and your mom!
  10. vee_

    Harry Styles

    It's becoming a real hit in the US
  11. I've slept thru 4 nominations now...
  12. I have done 3 write-ups so far so there's that...
  13. Wally has 14 hours left to decide
  14. It's really good! Well it gets better as the show progresses tbh. Skylar Astin
  15. Great job hosting the rankdown @Alex95!
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