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  1. WHY WOMEN KILL I brought back this show in this game because I thought it deserved better and also I want people to notice the show. I really think that you all should give this show a try because it is really great! Why Women Kill is an American dark comedy-drama web television series created by Marc Cherry, who is known for creating the other iconic show Desperate Housewives and also the other one called Devious Maids, for CBS All Access. That's CBS' streaming site which I'm pretty sure is overshadowed by most streaming sites. Thats why I kind of felt bad for Why Women Kill because it deserves a better platform where people can access (pun intended) it better. The show premiered last year in August. Shortly after the first season ended, it was announced that the show was renewed for a second season! That made me so happy because I really fell in love with the show. Also, might I add that this show I heard is going to be an anthology where there's a new story every season a la American Horror Story before the connecting of the universes/seasons. The show focuses on three women, in different decades (1960s, 1980s, and today), different marriages, and different take on their lives. They are all connected in the story through having all lived in the same mansion in Pasadena and they all experienced infidelity in their marriages. The infidelities differ in each era too so that's really interesting. Now let's talk about each main character per decade because they are all interesting and really fun to watch. In the 1960s, Beth Anne Stanton (who is played by the great Ginnifer Goodwin) and his husband Rob moved in the mansion. She was the quintessential 60's housewife. Beth Anne was polite, kind, would serve her husband from morning to evening. She cooked his food, delivered his things when Rob forgot it, and even just refilling his cup of coffee, Beth Anne would do it. She would stop eating, stand up, and grab the pot to fill Rob's cup. Rob's gesture to her would be just by tapping the cup. Jerk. But that was how it was back then, right? Rob was a businessman who would always be working overtime and barely had time for his wife. In the first episode, they met their neighbours, who were Italians, and invited them to visit them sometimes. I noticed in this scene that there was some kind of prejudice towards Italian at that time. It wasn't a plot but it came and went and it made think, "huh." I knew there was some kind of racial discriminations with Italians back then (I didn't know which decade or century lol) so yeah I'm not quite informed about this. Anyway, at one point, Beth Anne figured out from Sheila, the Italian wife who Beth Anne became friends with at a certain point of the story, that Rob was cheating on her with a waitress. Beth Anne could not believe this and would not accept it as true because she said she knew Rob would never do that especially after what happened. She always alluded to that "what happened" for a lot of episodes until it was revealed. I'm not going to spoil it here because I really want you all to watch the show! But anyway, Beth Anne wanted to confirm the gossip because she got really suspicious one night when Rob kept having dinner meetings at a certain restaurant. She followed him and saw that it was true. He was cheating on her with a young waitress. Her name is April Warner. Of course she's heartbroken and everything and guess what? She misinterpreted Sheila's advise to her and decided to befriend April so she could destroy April and Rob's affair by making April against Rob. It made sense to be honest. She was a genuine nice and sunshine-y type of person. Refusing to surrender to unhappiness, she weaved a web of domestic deception that mobsters would envy, crafting a path to a happier life for herself. She had a backstory explaining further how she became a sixties stepford wife. The story sounded like a classic adultery story but no. Marc Cherry definitely added a twist to it and I loved it. There were a lot of small plots here and there but it was still connected to Beth Anne's main plot. It strengthen the resolve of the plot and it all made sense along the way and until the end. Analeigh Tipton, from America's Next Top Model (and Warm Bodies), had a small recurring role here. She was in two episodes if I recall correctly. Still, her story connected to Beth Anne's and it just made sense. She became an integral part of Beth Anne's plans. I had a small complain in the end that wasn't resolved but other than that, the 60s plot and story was funny, emotional, fulfulling, and amazing! This started off as my favourite decade in the show but along the way, the 80s decade just slayed the f*ck out of me. The next decade was the 1980s. Simone Grove, played by the legendary icon Lucy Liu, was an Asian-American socialite and a gallery owner. She's over the top and very dramatic which I loved to see Lucy Liu do because she got it on point. The 80s was a very dramatic era and she got all the expressions and reactions down. Simon is also very snobbish, sometimes (or really most of the the time) a dumb blonde, ruthless and superficial at best. I bet you all know what that means. Her third husband, she's been divorced twice, is Karl and Karl is... GASP. A homosexual. Simon figured this out one night when she threw one of her lavish parties in the mansion. Somebody left a white envelope addressed to her and it contained photos of Karl and his lover from those photobooths with like 3 or 4 consecutive shots. Anyway, her husband Karl married her to hide the fact that he is homosexual and he could hide his affair on the down low from everyone else by portraying to be the perfect husband to Simone. Also, Simone was not the brightest bulb in the room so it was kind of easy to hide important things like that to her. By the end of the show though, Simone probably had the most growth as a character even with the 60s and 2019 characters. I want to expound my thoughts more but I would be spoiling things. Let me just say that Karl and Simone had the best chemistry in the show. Simone had a best friend named Naomi Harte and she was a gossip monger. She and Simone loved to gossip and talk shit, but in a nice, patronising way, about people especially the ones in their country club. Naomi had a son named Tommy Harte who was a hottie and just-became legal at the start of the show. He harboured feelings for Simone ever since he saw her when he was a kid! He had been waiting for himself to turn legal and pursue Simone. Simone was a WEAK woman and who wouldn't be? Tommy was hot. This led to a lot of funny scenes in the show. Well, most of the show's comedy comes from her affair with Tommy. I really loved this decade the most because it started off just as a funny part of the show and looked like the weakest of the three but as the show progressed, it tackled so much things that I really appreciated that could still be very timely with our world nowadays. The third and last decade is 2019. Taylor Harding, played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste (who you would probably all know from Killing Eve), was in an open relationship with her recovering drug addict and famous writer Eli. On top of that, Taylor is openly bisexual too. Very fitting for someone who lived in 2019 #noteanoshadenopinklemonade. She was workaholic being a lawyer unlike her husband Eli, who was a famous writer for one book. He had been slacking off or just not inspired to write a follow up. His agent was pressuring him because he barely had any chapters to show him. They had a deal that they could see other people as long as it was just hookups and flings. No feelings were to be involved because by the end of the night, they would go home to each other. Taylor broke the rules though and started having feelings with a girl named Jade, played by Alexandra Daddario. She seemed really sweet, innocent, and caring. Jade interloped the lives of Taylor and Eli when her ex-boyfriend was basically harrassing her and Taylor decided that Jade should stay with them for a few days just to be safe. Eli was hesitant at first because bringing home someone broke their rules. He let it pass and the downward spiral of their relationship started there. They became a throuple. Nothing wrong with being ina throuple as long as everyone understood what it was and what it entails. It started out great but little jealousy and doubts started creeping in. Also, the bigger mystery here was Jade. Why was she being harrassed by her ex-boyfriend? Who was she, really? Was she hiding something? That was the big plot of this decade. Jade pivots Taylor and Eli's storyline. This was my least favourite decade but it was great nonetheless especially by the end. Jade was probably my favourite in this decade's cast because she was mysterious and interesting. Then when all was revealed, she flipped the switch and became entertaining to watch. The title gives out the whole story of the show. Why Women Kill. So you know someone was going to be killed off. But who? Why? How? Those are the questions for it and the answer to those questions were shown in a very thrilling way. The show was just suspenseful, moving, and thoroughly enjoyable. Each of these women was trapped in the stereotypes in their eras. Each of them transcended the patterns that they're caught in to become a better version of themselves. You can also notice how each relationship is more progressive than the last. The show brilliantly shows us the social change, from simple things like decor, to the serious business of sexuality. Even the affairs are radically different from each other which made the show more interesting rather than redundant. There is a voice over that guides you through the show each episode. Even without it though, the show utilises a string of other narrative devices that change every episode: from ballroom dancers explaining how a tango works to a girl group that transforms every decades to commentaries from the neighbours to explanations from the women themselves. The narratives helped frame each episode as careful chapters, preventing these whirlwind plots from spinning completely out of control. I became obsessed with this show, always looking forward to the next episode. The finale of the show just slayed me. Fortunately, it answered all the questions raised in the pilot in a very thoroughly satisfying manner, weaving these disparate timelines together. Each episode concludes by revisiting its opening scenes. Yes, at the end there were three dead people and yes, some of those might even be the ones you expected, but how and why manages to surprise, even stun. My favourite thing about the show as a whole is probably on how it links the decades. The is often simple: setting scenes in the same room, with transitions focused on a single part, or drawing the whole into a magical past or future transformation. The final episode even treats us to a crossover of sorts. I will not get into it because that was so thrilling and I don't want to spoit it! Another thing I like is how the show's tone is whimsical, with a colourful palette and witty, sardonic writing. Why Women Kill depicts how women often have tougher road to hoe, in terms or everyday labour, whether at home or at work, and in terms of attention to appearance and reputation. There is also the really hard way in terms of the truckloads of support often while not receiving any themselves. The decade might have changed but the abiding strength of these women does not. Why Women Kill did not end the way it started, which not only makes for good and shocking show, but also turns convetion on its head. I'm so glad I got to put Why Women Kill in this rankdown and also have it placed higher than it original did. It was cut at #545 and now it rested peacefully at #53. Probably the last buyback show to be cut? Love it! I look forward to watching the second season with new characters and a different story but the first season will always have a special place in my heart. I hope y'all give it a chance because it is worth it, I promise! I'm going to leave the trailer here.
  2. The only time she really impressed me
  3. Catie Turner Catie Turner came to American Idol sounding like that annoying teacher in Bad Teacher (starring Cameron Diaz). I think they even both have red hairs. Anyway, her original song that she did in the auditions was decent. Sounds like some indie girl would write back in 2009 with likes of NeverShoutNever!, etc. She's that quirky oddball girl that makes it to the finale of American Idol. She did more than one original song if I can remember but honestly I am not a fan of original songs in competition shows. I don't know call me old school. I like to see people cover songs and see what they can do with them. Catie definitely did that because of course she needs to sing a cover at one point. What I saw was just okay. Nothing impressive. Also, I am a big fan of quirky/indie artists ever since, ask @*Chris and my playlists back in 2009-2012 I don't know. She's not the first person to be the quirky contestant idol and I didn't see her do better than the others. She's good. Just not my cup of tea. My favourite performance she did is the Once Upon A Dream. I think I thought I was going to start liking her after that and then she the next week she did bad in my opinion and got eliminated. Also, this is probably the best thing she did in my opinion and it's not on Idol: SAVING: BRIELLE (because I literally took off the SFs in my nominations)
  4. Bruce Almighty! I've watched this film so many times when I was a kid
  5. Almost done with my Why Women Kill write-up!
  6. Elliott having to nominate in two rankdowns
  7. ALASKA I was not a fan of her attitude in AS2 so don't @ me. As soon as I saw the queens competing in All Stars 2, I knew in a quick second that Alaska would be winning. She seemed like a producer favourite plus her past storylines relating to Sharon Needles, the power that be were probably pissing themselves. A rudemption of a runner-up who sobbed so hard when she lost while her then-husband stayed a winner and she did not? They were sold on the idea! I am not denying Alaska's talents of course because she is super talented. She's funny, she did well in challenges even in season 5, she is creative, etc. But she was a definite ringer in that season. At least she deserved to be a ringer unlike some... winners. Anyway, her talent showcase performance was okay. It was funny but definitely far from the best. And then she did her snatch game as Mae West and that is probably in my top 3 best snatch game performances ever. She slayed that. Although I preferred Katya in the lipsync, I don't feel bad about her winning. Oh wait, Tatianna was in the bottom 3 with 2/3 of Rolaskatox. Then I am not into her winning the lipsync. Her Herstory of the world performance was good. Her runway was okay. Probs in the bottom half for me tbh. Her two-looks in one look was trash, literally. I get the reference but it was poorly presented. I love the face makeup though. We do have to thank her for making Alyssa great in the stand up and that resulted to the legendary lipsync with Tati. I forgot her marketing thingy but I remember her looking snatched. Cherry bomb was definitely Katya's win. And again, eliminated Tati. And then the makeover with their family members happened where she had a meltdown. Disgusting. Great tv but it turned me off so much I don't think I have recovered. And then her part at Read U Wrote U was probably only 3rd best. Katya was definitely the best, Detox did good so she's second, Alaska was just full of jokes here and there and tried to be so "drag race" so she's third because Roxxxy had a verse ( which became iconic so maybe I should put her above Alaska). Anyway, she deserved the win but I preferred Katya. They did make Alaska win her lipsyncs so that no one can contest her. I'm not saying she did bad in the lipsyncs but Katya and Phi Phi definitely had big chances of winning those lipsyncs. Anyway, bye. SAVING: Divine de Campo
  8. I don't think so AS2 was perfff
  9. I'm on like the double digits again in the nomination order
  10. @*Chris you forgot the Is there something on my face gif!
  11. iCONIC! Tho I feel sad looking at her
  12. omg I meant I remember him from Cougar Town
  13. Ariana literally went back stage to acknowledge her for Break Free. And the way she annihilated Mrs. Kasha Davis in their lipsync wooh
  14. Great part 3 Chris. Although not putting any lipsync from the S7 lipsync assassin Kandy Ho???
  15. XFUK rankdown That's gonna be interesting with so many famous acts there now.
  16. Can I have a time range being from the opposite side of the world And I'll sleep asap!
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