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  1. Wow, I am sorry but I am NOT here for the victim act LMAO. I've been totally cool with not speaking since I know pulled a villain edit a la Survivor but literally the people playing the victims right now have multiple shows in the top 20. I understand people will feel sad/betrayed by blindsides/petty cuts but this is too much lol.


    But yas @ my secret number 1 making it to the top 20 :wub:


    Anyway, GOODNIGHT.

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    Making a quick cut because Tom reminded me that the deadline is almost up and thank God I checked my messenger. My migraine is just killing me slowly. I am cutting this show because honestly, I don't know this show and also it aired from 1993-2000. It ended in May too so that's like 5 months of being in the 2000s and this rankdown is about shows from 2000 and beyond. I don't know if there are other shows that are like this that are still in the competition but from staring at the remaining shows, this just stood out to me (with some other shows). Anyway, the show lasted for seven seasons in the 90s so that's good.


    Boy Meets World is about the everyday events and life-lessons of Cory Matthews. The first season is when Cory and his best friend, Shawn Hunter, and they are in the sixth grade. They do not care about schoolwork even with the help and effort of their teacher, George Feeny. Their initial interests were sports but it shifted into girls. The first season is about Cory's relationship with people. With his parents, he begins to understand more and respect and love them even more. Even with his siblings, he starts to understand Eric's obsessions with girls and he becomes protective of Megan who is his younger sister. Cory's romantic interest is Topanga and he basically negs her. He basically insults and berates her when they are around each other. Topanga is also known as a smart outsider in Cory's class. 


    (Will try and edit this part for the other seasons)


    Anyway, the show had a cultural impact by having an interracial relationship. It also addressed topics like child abuse, sexual harrassment, and underage drinking.


    That's all I can say for now to make this cut valid.

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    I honestly don't remember anything she did but I do remember her face. She was on season of the UK show. She was a barmaid when she auditioned and her audition was quite funny. She sounded like a country singer in the auditions listening to it. She sang Red Neck Woman but Simon asked her for her second song quickly. Kimberly then sang Show Me Heaven and went through. Simon said she was one of the most annoying contestants they ever had in her audition :dead: Her coach was Sharon and she's in the Girls category. Anyway, she was the first one eliminated in the live shows when she sang It's Raining Men. So, bye bye.



  4. Just now, JC said:

    So just for my understanding, once you post the write-up, your cut and save are final right?

    Yes. If they dont post their writeups in 30 mins after saying it, without refreshing, someone can steal their save/cut

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