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  1. Oh definitely obviously voting for Allegra. Hope she a surprise in the voting but this definitely hurts her more then anybody with Storm on the same team I really enjoyed her performance. Think she did a strong job. Don’t think it’ll change any votes but it was very impressive Allegra is on IG Live currently & mentioned that Top 9 had to cut their performances on Wednesday. With only 1 day to prepare Allegra was very stressed & did not feel ready. Think that makes all performances more impressive in that regard, cut songs only 1 day after findin out they were on Top 9
  2. I really dislike this “1 artist per team at minimum” makes finale format. Basically forces the other artists into the sing off anyway Sure both Allegra & Toneisha have chance at top 3-4 in normal voting but if leading vote getter for each team last week is Thunderstorm, Todd, Micah & Cam truly don’t see why that would not happen again As far as voting is concerned, it’s basically pointless for Allegra. The odds of her over coming however far back she was last week & takin over top spot on Team Nick is low Look like she will pretty much already going to be in instant vote sing off before she even performs tonight Prioritizing every coach into the finale has never been a good idea whenever they do it. As much open voting as possible to let the most popular singers through works When Cam is going to likely go to the finale because he’s the #1 on Team John despite the 2nd most popular on each of the other 3 teams probably standing a better chance definitely a bad decision Allegra one of many definitely hurt by the faulty voting format tonight. I just wish John wasn’t dumb & he kept Thunderstorm so Allegra could keep the #1 spot on Team Nick & not have to worry about being saved by him or instant save
  3. I have agreed with every single person whose advanced. The Top 2 IMO from each team went through. Strange to not see any dumb decisions It sucks that Allegra needed the coach save instead of public vote but not that surprised much with Thunderstorm. I’m feeling confident that she is probably 2nd or 3rd overall, so her chances of going to the finale should still be strong. Never for one second thought that Nick would save anyone except Allegra I am not really surprised by any decision tonight. I guess most surprising is that nothing was surprising. Very hopeful Allegra can make the finals next week
  4. With public vote aspect of the Top 17 Today, now that Thunderstorm is on Nick’s team (Incredibly dumb by John), it hurts both Allegra & Thunderstorm vote wise as I think they are the 2 favs to win Both being on the same team ensures only 1 can get that public vote & the other has to hope that Nick will make them their coach save. Thankfully Nick has been smart so far this season so have faith he will choose 1 of those 2 no matter who the public vote will be Allegra’s biggest competition vote wise now being in Nick’s team is going to be interesting to see who gets more votes among those 2 I’m fine with less live shows but having a coach save for the 1st round is dumb especially when Nick’s team is the most popular I feel confident whoever among Allegra & Thunderstorm wins the public vote will win the season. Really like Storm a lot but hope Allegra gets the majority vote
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5_xuZfjsA6/?ig...d=1j6kt38tmipf4 Kat Announce Her, Cali Wilson, Max Boyle, Shane Q & Alex Guthrie all doing group performance for the final Good to have another song on the show & to see her for next week. Looks like an interesting mix of singers
  6. Now that she’s finished I’ll come up with list of my favorite performances Kat Voice Rankings 1- Vienna / Audition 2- Somewhere Only You Know / Top 8 3- You’ve Got A Friend / Instant Save 4- You’re Still The One / Top 10 5- God Only Knows / Playoff 6- Kiss Me / Knockout 7- Danny Boy / Top 13 8- I’ll Fly Away / Top 11 9- Take Me Home Country Roads / Battles - Josie Jones 10- We Belong / Top 8 - Hello Sunday Still adore her audition the most. Was a great performance but she shined in her last 2 weeks on the show. I’d list my entire Top 5 as great performances
  7. Not surprised by how any of that turned out. Disappointed Kat didn’t advance but she had the opportunity at least & hard to compete with Rose. Her performance was great. Kat did a very good job with the Carole King song & would’ve had a strong chance in most other scenarios. Kat did her best & should be proud I enjoy 3 of 4 finalists. Jake, Ricky & Rose would all be great winners. Katie is too much for me. I fully expect Jake to win & I would be happy. He’s great Strong run for Kat. Wish she would’ve made finale but content with how thing ended up. Her performance tonight was awesome
  8. Loved her solo. She’s been great specially the last 2 weeks. Excelling at right time. That song was great I’m tired of dealing with the criticism with her. I feel she gets more then most (She’s VERY polarizing) For me I’d take her haunting smooth angelic performances over loud rangey over dramatic performances every single time. Kat is the most interesting singer of the season & stands out without having to try too hard or too much As far as voting expectations, I expect Kat to be in the Instant Save. I think there’s a clear Top 5 & Bottom 3. Jake, Rose, Ricky, Katie & Kat are the 5 favorites with Will, Mary Beth & Hello Sunday below. I think it’s unlikely Kat gets public vote over 2 of the other 4 standouts but it’d be great if she does As far as Instant Save chances I think it’s good as one of Will, Mary Beth & Hello Sunday will also be in it so she only has to compete with one of the other favorites. Hard to have expectations for how IS voting goes as that is very unpredictable but I think it’s close to 50/50 whether she makes finale. Hopeful as I think she’s significantly better or atleast more interesting then some of the other favorites
  9. Love her song. This fits her perfectly. Expect it to be one of the best of night & be a boost to her chances for the finale. Might be the best song choice of the week. Either her or Jake, his song fits him perfectly also Not sure yet who her duet partner is but we know Ricky + Will & Rose + Katie are together so she’s with Jake, Mary Beth or Hello Sunday. I like all 3 of them but HS would be a mess to work with so hope she’s with Jake or Mary Beth. Feel the week is looking good for her though. Think she’s a lock for at minimum the instant save & solid chance to get public vote anyway
  10. Thinking the best duet for her would be with Jake. Their voices would work well together & his popularity would boost her. Rose would over power her too much as much as I like her. I think Will would actually be a very good match with her aswell but not sure he’d be much help in voting department. Kinda feel same way about Mary Beth. She fits musically with her but not enough to help voting wise. Ricky obviously won’t be her duet as they’re both on Team Blake & they try to mix up w/ people from different teams The worst options would easily be Katie as she’s like the complete opposite of Kat & Hello Sunday as it’s just complicated with 3 singers together. I’d be happiest if she teamed up with Jake for the duet but there’s many options that I think could work well together
  11. Last one to be saved but once again Kat escaped the bottom. One of 5 people who has never needed either coaches save or twitter save. Although things really get a lot tougher now with the Top 8. Joana & Shane are both good but were a clear step below everybody else. The Top 8 is VERY close & hard to really say any body is a lock to stay or leave. Ups the importance to need strong songs & performance in BOTH songs to advance I’d say Katie & Jake are probably in the best position to make the finals Kat, Ricky & Rose all close behind. Will, Mary Beth & Hello Sunday likely last Although no combination would truly surprise me as far as a Final 4 goes
  12. This was my favorite performance from Kat since her audition. Loved her, she did very good job showcasing her voice & showed more range this week I do hope that soon she goes back to using the piano though. Definitely a more intimate feeling when she’s at the keys. Her talent shines even more on the piano. Would love that to return
  13. Very repetitive song this is. Counted 10 “I’ll Fly Away”’ in the preview alone. Checked full lyrics & 24 in the whole song. Not much to go with a song like that. Kinda worried about the repetitiveness, but it’s still pretty & fits her voice very well. Guess it’s mainly like even lyrics are similar throughout, can use the song differently from the beginning, middle & end. So she can make it sound different enough to hopefully not come off as repetitive. It’s a solid performance but don’t see this as a standout like some of her previous ones
  14. Think she’d be great at Elton John in the same way she was with Billy Joel. Anything Like Candle In The Wind, Tiny Dancer, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Daniel, Your Song, etc. Definitely Billy Joel & Elton John are great fits This would be a good time to do a recent artist or not pre 2000 since most of her songs are throwbacks (which is fine). I would love to hear her do Norah Jones. Any of her big hits like Don’t Know Why, Come Away With Me, What Am I To You, Chasing Pirates, etc. I’m not as picky with specific songs I want her to do but as far as artists I see her having similar vibe to, Elton John & Norah Jones are 2 artists I’d love to hear her do a song by
  15. Server issues suck. Good to know that’s why though Yeah, sure. I would love to be added to the fan list
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