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  1. I think Ryan's wording was "highest number of votes in a previous week". I think it would make much more sense for her getting the highest amount of votes during top 9, when she had the pimp spot.
  2. Wanna know something crazy? The semifinals in seasons 4-7 + 9 had more performances than this entire season.
  3. I don't want to know the results because I think some of the contestants should've been more successful, I want to know the results because I enjoy seeing how the voting patterns work out. Also, literally anything can inflame the fan wars.
  4. Stronger is just one of those no-no songs that you can't pick no matter what. Honestly I think Sam deserved this win. I wasn't a fan of her during the competition (I liked Francisco and Dillon more going into the show), but I'm surprised her ratings are so low in general. I think she had both the best first round and second round performance, and also the second best Disney performance. If she didn't make weird song choices in the finals (based on only 6 performances, though) I think she could've been one of my favorites and I'd have been a lot more excited for her win.
  5. What I do remember is someone saying Tamyra Gray dominated every vote except for one, until she got eliminated? Also a list of things I want to know: - the bottom vote getters were for season 10 top 6 week. James and Scotty had their strongest performances that week. Jacob and Casey were obviously in the bottom 3 but were they joined by Lauren (weak showing but dominated the competition before that) or Haley (pimp spot and first 5 star WNTS performance, but was in the bottom 3 for two weeks)? Did one of them end up in the bottom 2 instead of Jacob? - how did Haley fare during the early weeks when she avoided the bottom 3? - when Testownage had the top vote. Either she went from bottom 3 to top vote in 1 week, or vice versa, or even both! - what were the bottom groups during season 14? We know Rayvon barely scraped by every single week but what about people like Joey, Quentin, Jax? - how well Kris and Nick fared during the early weeks when they faded into the background - did Jena wade close to the bottom 3 at any point or did she become a frontrunner after top 11 week? - during the middle weeks of season 13 where they had bottom 2s instead of bottom 3s, who received the third lowest votes? I theorize that it was Jess during top 8, CJ during top 7, and Alex during top 6 - did Alejandro and Arthur dominate the vote before they lost the crown?
  6. Change the World - Chris Richardson, Dillon James Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) - Hollie Cavanagh & Jessica Sanchez & Joshua Ledet, Qaasim Middleton, Just Sam (The other two were absolutely delicious trainwrecks though) I Don’t Want to Be - Bo Bice, Elliott Yamin, Chris Richardson, Michael Sarver, Casey James, Alex Preston, Arthur Gunn Rise Up - Avalon Young & Sonika Vaid, Just Sam Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Casey Abrams, Phillip Phillips, Garrett Jacobs, Arthur Gunn
  7. In My Room - Sophia NYSOM - Julia Teenage Dream - Francisco (I didn't really like River) Rise Up - Sam (hoping this gets a five star rating but probably won't, found it really nice though) If The World Was Ending - Louis (disliked the guy during the course of the competition but this performance was great imo) Our Town - Dillon House that Built Me - Makayla (would've liked it even more if the arrangement wasn't weird)
  8. James' last two weeks were meh. Lauren and Scotty were the obvious final two and Haley had become the villain everyone was rooting for by that point, so James was the obvious 4th placer
  9. I like Francisco and I really didn't care for River Sam's Disney performance was my favorite Sam performance
  10. I'd give Makayla, Francisco and Sophia 10 more points tbh, all deserved 4 stars
  11. Ratings are up! Julia is in sniffing range of 5 stars
  12. Syesha and David's WTNS scores on Top 6 night should've been swapped.
  13. She actually has one of the lowest ones
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